Blogger Diary: Soaking Up The Last Rays Of Summer

We had a four-day weekend in celebration of Labor Day, and I spent the majority of it at the beach.  This time of year is always hard for me – I wish summer was endless.  There is a very different feeling in the fall air. It somehow feels busier, more hurried, and anxious.  Maybe it’s just me?  I knew going into this weekend that we had a very busy week following it, with Fashion’s Night Out, so I tried to take full advantage of these final days of serenity at the beach.  I spent quiet hours just noticing the little things; the sound the waves make as they crash, the feeling of sand in my toes, the seagulls overhead.  These are some of my favorite moments and I cherish them when I can.  I spent time with friends and family, drank tropical drinks, and listened to Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones, and when the weekend came to an end I felt rejuvenated and ready for what lay ahead. How did you spend Labor Day weekend?


painted rocks

beach house


surf wax


cucumber water


beach house

beach umbrella


beach coffee

full moon over ocean

Photos by Julia.

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9 years ago

I love all your photos!! I worked Saturday, but Sunday and Monday I enjoyed laying around and doing any craft I could think of..I got alot accomplished :)

7 years ago

You can almost feel the sadness of losing summer pushing itself through the words and into your consciousness.