Décor Crush: Air Plants

Have you guys heard of air plants? I had heard about them in the past, but had sort of forgotten about them until I visited interior designer Phoebe Schuh’s home. She had just one air plant sitting in a glass on her kitchen table and I fell in love all over again:

Air Plant

They’re just… so… cool. Aside from the fact that they look like sea creatures that have been frozen mid-movement, they don’t even need to be planted. They just hang out – look!

Air Plant

One of the most common misconceptions of air plants (also called Tillandsia) is that they don’t need to be watered; that they can thrive on air alone. This is not true. Air plants need water and sunlight just like any other! It’s just that they need it in a different way than most common houseplants. The amount of water your plant needs depends on its environment. If the plant is indoors in a home with dry air, it should be submerged in water for 2-3 hours every two weeks. As for sunlight, indoor air plants should be placed no further than ten feet away from a window. For more in-depth instructions on caring for your air plant, check out Air Plant City.

I don’t own an air plant yet, but I heard there’s a little plant shop right around the corner from me that sells them… I’ll be paying them a little visit this week. J For now, I’m just going to get lost in these images for a while:

Air Plant

Air Plant

Air Plant

Air Plant

Air Plant

Air Plant

Would you ever own one of these little guys?

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I have a total of five air plants…they started out so small and now some are quite large. They are all unique and when they bloom three of them have a colored flower coming out of it. They are so easy to care for…and you can put them anywhere — I have some in fishbowls…and some hanging from air plant holders! My other obsession is succulents…


i just bought an air plant in a sea urchin shell. i love it b/c it looks like a little pineapple!

Love air plants! They are color to any room where they are planted

OMG, I need one of these in my life!!

Great post! Air Plant city looks really cool, I’ll have to try them next time. I have a few plants that I got from Air plant design studio and love them! They are the first plants that I havent killed week into owning them..


Never put an air plant in a container where there is no airflow.

i have a few airplants i bought from airplant design studio and airplant city, all good stores also got some from airplants2go. Started to build my own terreriums now, its good fun and airplants are easy enough to take care of!

Love, love your photos! Definitely have a not-so-secret obsession with air plants myself. If anyone is looking for care instructions, check out the website link I included. I created an air plant care Infographic to make it easy.

Love your photos! We are obsessed with these little plants too!!

Christina Thielst

Cool ideas. My creations are on https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThistleSpringsRanch