Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them

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Of all the décor crushes I have, vintage glass might just be number one. Every time I enter a thrift store (AKA every few days), the first thing I do is make a beeline to the glass section. I scoop up every single mason jar, milk jug, and carafe as fast as I can, as if someone else is going to steal them all if I don’t hurry. Why? I have no idea.

Maybe it’s the way they look – vintage glass containers are delicate and beautiful; simple and pure. Maybe it’s that they take me back to a time I never saw; a time where milk was delivered to your doorstep in little glass jugs and food was never stored in plastic. Maybe it’s the trillion different uses they have – flower vases, drinking glasses, sun jars, air fresheners, you name it. Seriously.

I’m thinking it’s a combination of all of the above that fuels my love for vintage glass containers – and I know I’m not alone! Here’s how we’re using vintage glass around our office:

Vintage Glass

Vintage Glass Jars

We love collecting vintage glass jars and bottles in different shapes and sizes and displaying them on our desks. It gives the space a home-y feeling, almost like you’re hanging out in a cute, rustic kitchen.

Mason Jar

I use this mason jar as a drinking glass every day! It’s so big that I don’t have to get up a million times throughout the day just to fill it up – and the handle lets me carry it around if I’m going to meetings or eating lunch outside.

Vintage Glass Flower Vases

Using cute little bottles is one of our favorite ways to display flowers!

And here are some more ideas we love from around the internet! What’s your favorite way to make use of vintage glass containers?

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Vintage Glass Bottles

Fill an entire shelf with nothing but vintage bottles – a million different kinds. Strategically scatter colored bottles throughout the shelf for an extra pop.

Colorful Glass Bottles

Better yet, fill three entire shelves with nothing but colored glass bottles, arranging them so that the colors seem to fade from one side to the other, in an ombre-like fashion. So cool!

Vintage Milk Jars

Use old milk bottles for – what else? – milk! Drinking milk from a glass bottle with a straw will surely make you feel like a little kid from the “olden days” – so fun!

Vintage Flower Vases

Fill some old soda bottles with water and drop in some earth-colored plants for a natural-feeling centerpiece on your dining room table.

Vintage Vignette

Make a gorgeous vignette by clustering together your favorite antique glass pieces along with any other gems you’ve collected over the years. This is such a fun thing to do because you can rearrange your vignette whenever your eyes have become accustomed to looking at it, giving it a whole new feeling!

Here are some more home decor ideas we love. :)

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11 years ago

I share the vintage glass obsession, using mason jars for everything from decorating my room to holding my mixed drinks, Here’s a recommendation for anyone decorating with mason jars/other vintage glass bottles and containers: I filled mine with crushed rock candy pieces, and they look absolutely beautiful!

Great post. xx

11 years ago

I’m currently hunting down half of China trying to find some nice vintage glasses and mason jars to decorate my new apartment. I absolutely love the idea. xx

11 years ago

beautiful idea!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

I also share a great deal of passion for collecting vintage glass bottles. But to add more color I just fil them up within different spices and foods adds a slight tint and they just look really amazing.