DIY: Twig Cage Mobile

UPDATE: This previously ran on August the 30th but we thought we’d bring it back for a little DIY you can do this Sunday. Go out for a stroll and collect some small twigs and get DIY bus.

Do you ever want to fill the air with something delicate, just have something drifting back and forth freely in a little space in your home, desk space, or backyard? I find it relaxing watching something move gently in the air; it’s peaceful and helps create a peaceful mind.

My bedroom is all white and I’ve been looking for ways to add some color – just little delicate touches that don’t take away from the white. While in Brooklyn the other weekend, I came across beautiful mobiles hanging inside a store. I loved how little impact they had, but when you glanced at them you could see little slithers of color in the air that made you smile. So this week I decided to have go using twigs, acrylic paints, and glitter.


What you need:

A hot glue gun

Acrylic paints of your choice


A paint brush


A bunch of slim but sturdy twigs

DIY mobile

First cut six small-length twigs (mine were 2 inches) and then six large-length twigs (mine were 4 inches). Then start painting the twigs with your choice of color, leaving some just bare. I think it looks great to show a bit of the natural element. And don’t forget to put glitter on at least 2 – it catches the light nicely.

DIY mobile

Once you have all your twigs painted, lay them out. I painted more than I needed in case of any mistakes. Then play around with what colors you like next to each other before you start gluing.

DIY mobile

With a hot glue gun, start gluing the small twigs together to make a 3-D triangle and then glue the six large ones together to make a diamond.

DIY mobile

DIY mobile

This is how your shapes should turn out

DIY mobile

DIY mobile

With clear fishing line, attach the small triangle to the diamond leaving about 6 inch space between both. Then attach more clear fishing line to the top of the diamond to hang.
DIY mobile

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  1. This is actually cooler than I thought it was gonna be…I made a floating mobile yesterday out of friendship bracelets, it took all day but it came out cool

  2. I love this DIY! Could you please contact me? I would love to show your idea and photo in the magazine I work for. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you! Ellen

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