Dream Vacation: The Wild Wild West

Do you ever dream of a vacation, the perfect vacation that you just want to have so, so badly? Lately I’ve been dreaming of Arizona and the Wild West; of being in the wilderness amidst beautiful scenery and a free running river. I dream of packing an old VW beetle with the simple necessities and heading west until I find the Apache Lake and wild horses. I’d set up camp, wear long prairie dresses and immerse myself in the beauty around me. At night I’d build a campfire, watch the stars above, and let the noises of nature lull me to sleep. I always dream of beautiful vacations – it’s a habit of mine. It’s like a fantasy I make up in my mind; I wish that one day I can make them happen.


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9 years ago

i dream of the same, except my car is an old 60’s bronco and have to take my yoga mat

Gosh it really looks like a dream….

9 years ago

If you really want to get lost in the stars come to Wyoming. Where you can tromp in the glacial silted headwaters of those free running rivers before they have left the mountains of their origin. Wyoming doesn’t have the hype of Arizona, but wins in mystic.

9 years ago

I mean, I really think we should be friends! so much talk of wanting to go on these expansive, extraordinary trips here. it’s like my constant internal monologue, seriously!

9 years ago

I have the same dream. I think I’m going to give myself a graduation present of a cross country trip next summer, just so I can see the desert.

9 years ago

I live in the southwest and it is a dream! I write about our travels and adventures here: http://thedesertinbloom.blogspot.com/

Let me know if anyone is traveling this way, I love to give tips on out of the way places.

9 years ago

I live in AZ! :) It really is beautiful here, although I’d shoot for coming closer to “winter” so the weather will be amazing.

9 years ago

You might like lake Powell too! It’s a higher elevation so hot hot hot in the summer and snows sometimes in winter but it’s so incredibly beautiful to be surrounded by this gigantic blue green lake only stopped by these beautiful orange red brown rocks , cliffs and caverns. Plus it’s an amazing vacation spot because there’s no cell or Internet service :) I’ve gone there the last 3 summers and have had some wonderful experiences and taken some awesome pictures!

9 years ago

Jemma, could you please start adding more pictures again? I miss being able to scroll and get inspired by all of them!