Dreaming Of Cool Days By The Ocean And Cozy Sweaters

When fall comes, wild oceans flow rapidly in my mind; stormy seas and grey skies, water so angry it doesn’t know what to do with itself. The music it makes, the swirling, the crashing and the hissing sends shivers down my spine and brings to me magnificent stories. Beach strolls on grey days can be such a beautiful experience. When I lived near the ocean, these kinds of days where usually the day you’d find me situated on some rock reef with a sweater wrapped around me, watching the deep ocean playing games. I used to love getting snuggled up in cozies and going to watch nature at its best. Come evening, when the chill got to be too much, we used to light a campfire on the sand, add a few extra layers and say goodnight to that wild, wild ocean. Nothing beats fall beach strolls in your favorite sweater.

Product: Fringed Cardigan, Sienna Fringe Boot, Chunky Cable Slipper Sock, Bow Intarsia Beanie, Animal Cardigan

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8 years ago

A post after my own heart, I so appreciate this, I am a sweat and boot girl and I absolutely love those “cool days by the ocean” or marina, I love pairing chunky knits with my Frye boots, parka and a pair of worn in Levi’s thanks so much for the inspiration! I can’t wait to our official Fall to begin here in Northern Cali.