Dreams And Their Meanings

Sometimes I remember my dreams after I’ve woken; sometimes I don’t. When I do remember them my conscious mind runs wild – I think about why I had that certain dream and if there was a significant meaning behind it. It plays on my mind so I look deeper into the meaning.

Many of my dreams consist of mountains or falling from something – not a pleasant experience I know but there’s a meaning behind it. Apparently when I dream of mountains it represents obstacles — if I successfully climb the mountain I reveal a true feeling of achievement, and viewing the landscape from above symbolizes a life under review. Falling is a common dream that relates to anxieties and about letting go and losing control over a situation. I always find dreams are like personal letters, like something subconsciously telling you to change something, or to make you more aware of feeling you have on your mind. They are pretty fascinating. Do you ever remember your dreams when you wake?

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10 years ago

Sometimes my dreams, if remembered, will set the mood for my day…..kinda strange, I think…

10 years ago

I remember my dreams a majority of the time, which I love! Usually, I can feel myself pulling myself out of the dream as I am waking up.
If I don’t write them down, however, I will find myself trying to replay it maybe an hour later, and some details will be missing. I’m thinking of keeping a dream journal by my bed to record them.
What’s very odd, though, is that since I purchased a dreamcatcher for my room, I have been remembering them less and less.
I love dreams, and I always try to look up their meanings. They’re usually spot-on with my current situation.


10 years ago

i feel like dreams are my religion in a sense. we are asleep for a third of our lives and dreaming x% of that, and it has to mean something significant. research proves if we don’t experience REM sleep (dream period) that we will die. i like to believe that dreams aren’t just the ramble jumble of your brain- maybe so, but also a beautiful way of the unconscious creating a story that the conscious mind can pick and analyze to make choices in waking life. or perhaps dreaming serves as a purpose to humans as defense mechanism, a primal survival instinct – like if you dream of running from a wild animal it is almost as if you are testing out the situation without actually being in danger…. maybe? or a combination of all of those things? but whatever the purpose for dreaming i keep a dream journal next to my bed and can recall the smallest details and bits of my dreams. it helps me live my life and follow my soul when i don’t know what to do. it took awhile to get to the point where i could remember dreams to the point of lucid/astral dreaming, but the steps i took in becoming a dream journalist are : 1. take melatonin (its safe and all natural) 2. literally say to yourself before you fall asleep “i will remember my dreams” , even fall asleep creating a dream you want to have 3. always keep the journal next to your bed. when you wake up from a dream, don’t move!!! (the more you move into the waking world the sooner you forget your dream) just write how you feel, what you remember happening, and what you think it could mean to you. even if you don’t remember anything for awhile keep repeating these steps….! dream world is a fascinating personal world and it is truly amazing how much you can do with your mind and your dreams. i highly recommend researching a bit into how to lucid dream, and for the more extreme astral projection. xo happy dreaming FP girls!! ~ sincerely

10 years ago

Being able to remember a dream is kind of a hit and miss. sometimes, I do remember them. Other times, I don’t. There are days I wake up from dreams that picture me falling and there are those that I would wake up crying. I guess dreams do tell us more pf what is on our mine in our subconscious state and that’s what I think is beautiful about dreams

10 years ago

for years, i have tried to figure out what it is that is memorable about some dreams and what’s not.

there are dreams from my childhood that i still remember and i would really like to know why someday!


10 years ago

for the most part i remember the majority of my dreams. I often have dreams about flying and traveling. romance. I’ve had dreams about helping people like with money or food just helping random people i encounter. i used to have a recurring one about thousands of people chasing me which isn’t uncommon but every once in awhile (in the dream) i would turn around to see how close they were….and none of them had faces, no features just plain skin. it scared the crap out of me needless to say. I remember my taking me to therapy for that because it just would literally happen every single night when i was a child. then i also had one right after i had my son, about my teeth crumbling and falling out, i was told that meant i feared getting old. but off the subject but still on the topic of dreams… does anyone else have this for lack of a better word, “skill” to continue your dreams once you have awaken….go right back to sleep and start in the same exact spot? i have no idea how that’s done but it happens to me and i enjoy it but I’d really like to know how i do it. or whether it’s even in my control.

10 years ago

I remember most of what happens in my dreams when I awake. I don’t really have nightmares, but sometimes in my dreams in in stressful situations, like having to deal with someone who I’ve had trouble with in the past. I guess it’s a clue that continuing to think about the negative things in the past can weigh you down in your future.

10 years ago

I usually do remember my dreams, and I like remembering what it was that I dreamt. Last night I did have a dream, and I do remember it too. Now before I tell you my dream I need to say that I had an older sister who died this past January 4th.
Now, In my dream I was with my family walking somewhere outside. Then we see my sister. She sees us, and we go to her. Except it wasn’t her. It looked like her, sounded like her, felt like her, everything was her. Except we for some reason were acting as though it wasn’t her and she was too. Like as if it was a different soul in a body that looked and acted, sounded just like her. And she knew us and knew that she looked like my sister. She was being nice to us and giving us love to comfort us as we spoke and hugged her, for we knew we couldn’t be with her long or see her again. For she would need to go and get back to her life. When I saw her though, my heart tugged and It felt so much like it was her. I was hugging her for a long time. I didn’t want to let go of her. And I didn’t want to cry in front of her for I didn’t want this girl who looked like my sister to feel more sorry than what she was for us. But when I saw her eyes and the way she looked at me. I felt it had to be her. I did start to cry and I still held on to her hugging her close to me. And as I cried, I woke myself up and laid in bed still sobbing from it. I have had many dreams of her many times since the accident, But it had been a little while and it just hit me very hard and made me so sorrowful for her and wonder why I had had this dream last night. I don’t know why I am typing this on here, because I don’t want sympathy. I just want to talk about her and say how much she will always mean to me. I want recognition of her life, so she won’t fade away.
Thank you and God Bless,

10 years ago

I remember my dreams pretty much every night. They’re vivid, often silly, and usually are sort of a detox playing out my desires and worries. I like to keep a dream journal when I have time.

10 years ago

I’m so sorry for your loss Natalie. You have described your dream in such a detailed manner that it just really showed me the pain you feel still and the yearning for your sister. It clearly demonstrates how you are feeling and I couldn’t help but comment and say that I will pray for you and your family.

10 years ago

Natalie, that is a sad but beautiful dream. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s good that you are able to write these thoughts down.

I remember my dreams almost every single night, and I treat them as a compass for my emotions. And I tend to have the same few over and over.

When I first started dating my boyfriend of four years, I had a TON of cheating dreams; at least a few times a month. The infidelity itself would be totally uninteresting — sometimes, I wouldn’t even see it happen in the dream, and it was often with a person to whom I wasn’t even attracted and in horrible circumstances, like at a party, so a lot of people would know about it — but when it was over, I would suddenly remember I had a boyfriend, and I would be consumed with the most heart-wrenching, cold white guilt. They were such vivid dreams that when I woke up, I would actually laugh out loud with relief. I was more in love than I had ever been in my whole life, so I was super confused.

Turns out, cheating dreams actually “reflect the intensity of your passion” and are a “reaffirmation of your commitment”. So yay!

10 years ago

i dream of two person whose not so close to me and when i saw them they are pregnant and they keep talking to me,i dont know what is the meaning of this

mary dingess
10 years ago

what does it mean if some one dies comes back live

9 years ago

I dreamed of trying to kill my husband last night and in the in we made love …….what does this dream mean…

7 years ago

i dreamt that my fiancee has bought a wedding gown as a surprise