English Breakfast vs. American Breakfast: Which Do You Prefer?

Breakfast is, by far, my most favorite meal of the day; nothing beats waking up and having a yummy meal before you start your day. Before I came to America from the UK, my breakfast mainly consisted of baked beans, mushrooms, scrambled egg, bacon, sausages and toast – what we would call “The Full Monty.” Then I was introduced to a whole new world of mixing sweet with savory in the glorious USA. At first the thought of mixing pancakes and syrup with my beans was really odd to me and I could not have them on the same plate at all. But as the months grew on, this became a notable thing to do and now when it comes to the weekend, I crave pancakes with my eggs and beans.

My favorite place to go for breakfast in London is The Breakfast Club, painted egg yolk yellow on the outside and filled with everything from your childhood dreams on the inside. This place, if you’re looking for a good Full Monty, is the place to go. Which breakfast style do you prefer: English or American? An English breakfast holds a special place in my heart, but I must say, you can’t beat good pancakes!

A Full English Breakfast

Full english breakfast

The Breakfast Club London

the breakfast club

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9 years ago

I love biscuits and gravy..by far the best breakfast

9 years ago

I ❤ both now too ! I’m a Brit living in USA so feel like we have the best o both worlds ! We are opening a Brit tea emporium cafe next month ! So it’s interesting to see what people like ! I’ve yet to meet an American who likes beans with their brekky !!!!!

9 years ago

I just had an amazing homemade bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel, mmm! I love American breakfasts, preferably from a diner!

9 years ago

English… because I can have a flat white with it :)

9 years ago

I cannot stand savoury with sweet. I don’t like full english breakfasts either. I’d rather have a bowl full of fruit and yoghurt or a bowl of cereal with a tea or a glass of juice as opposed to a greasy fry or bacon wrecking my pancakes.

9 years ago

Breakfast USA all the way…I love the sweetness (and antioxidants) of fresh blueberries in milk or cereal.
The best breakfast ever? Try mixing a 1 cup of frozen or fresh blueberries, 1/2 a cup of strawberries, and 1/2 a cup of raspberries in a cereal bowl. Pour a half a glass (or more if you prefer) of vanilla flavored soy milk over the berries. The soy milk coats the berries, and it is a little like cereal, and a little like ice cream.
Amazingly delish.

9 years ago

Australian! Vegemite on toast all the way!

9 years ago

The only time I’ve had beans with my breakfast is when I have Mexican. But, I like it so I’m sure I’d like the English breakfast too. Side note: We Americans don’t always have pancakes for breakfast.

9 years ago

The best is spanish breakfast!!

9 years ago

I love asian foods.. hehe

9 years ago

I like the English breakfast better! Very hearty!

9 years ago

I’d have to say English breakfast is my favourite, but I love the breakfast and food in general where I am, in Seattle, WA, but I am from England. I’m vegetarian, so I love the creative vegan options here.

9 years ago

i love the English breakfast, minus the beans since I’m Paleo =)

6 years ago

Both! :)
You have the Baked Beans in the UK – which is a must!
And you have some fluffy pancakes in the US – delicious!
But I do have to admit that I prefer bacon in the UK. I’m not THAT fond of the crispy bacon in the US. It’s okay but not as good as the bacon in England.

I’ll definitly try out The Breakfast Club when I’m in London in 2 weeks!! :)