Fall’s Best Nail Colors: Dark & Seductive

If you’re nail polish obsessed like we are, get excited about the new shades that are coming in for fall. Think deep, dark and mysterious in shades of red, navy and green, offset by cooler tones. This season nail color will become darker and more romantic to go along with your fall wardrobe. I love the shades of Essie’s new collection and, with names like “Don’t Sweater It”, “Stylenomics” and “Skirting The Issue,” you will want to buy them all.

For fall I see myself wearing a lot of navy and dark green on my nails – these two colors remind me of wild, stormy oceans and marsh land. I’m looking forward to moving away from happier tones into a more mysterious scheme. Here are our favorite colors for fall!

Essie Fall Collection:

Available here

On The Runway: Fall 2012

Which color will you be wearing this fall?

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11 years ago

I am rocking a sexy dark green!! Love it. I also bought a really dark navy…perfect for this up coming weather.

11 years ago

I have “miss fancy pants” by Essie and I adore it! The color is neutral but not boring. It suites my personality which probably explains why I have it on so frequently! Loving dark & seductive for fall.

11 years ago

love all of the fall colors from Essie. We will be wearing the oxblood color and dark greens and blue. We’ve also been wearing a lot of matte colors with glam details like our shattered glass mani below: