Guest Post: Mess-Free Campfire Cones

This guest post is from Johnie Gall of

I love camping for many reasons (incredible backdrops, sleeping under the stars, the smell of pine needles) but my biggest draw to the great outdoors could quite possibly be campfire treats, like these mess-free campfire cones from when I was a kid. They’re a little less sticky than s’mores and you can add other textures and flavors like fruit or nuts.

campfire cones


1 waffle ice cream cone

¼ cup semi-sweet dark chocolate chips (for added antioxidant powers!)

¼ cup mini-marshmallows

¼ cup diced fruit like strawberries or bananas

You can also add ¼ cup of toffee chips, brown sugar, almonds, coconut or dried fruit.

campfire cones

Mix your chocolate chips, marshmallows, fruit and nuts together in a large bowl. Scoop a cup of the mixture into your waffle cone and wrap securely in a sheet of tin foil, making a seal on one side of the cone. Heat up the cone over a campfire or over a grill once your coals have turned gray, rotating often. In about 5-7 minutes your cone should be ready to eat!

Credit: Johnie Gall is the founder of

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11 years ago

What happened to the “Saturday Do” post?

11 years ago

I’m with Moni, where’s the saturday do! I almost didn’t know what do to with my day! Haha

11 years ago

Hi Moni, don’t worry, the Saturday Do hasn’t gone far, look for our next one this coming weekend!

11 years ago

mmmm delicious!!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

These ice creams are really delicious and gives a yumy sight!

11 years ago

Wish I had thought of this when I went camping last weekend!!

9 years ago

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3 years ago

That looks a bit healthier than the typical s’more.