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One of the best cures for waning levels of creativity is to get up from your desk and out into the wild. It doesn’t take much time or money either—most times there’s a mini adventure waiting for you around the corner. Last weekend I took the drive up to Ringing Rocks park, about an hour away from the Free People offices in Philadelphia.

ringing rocks

The park is a massive boulder field filled with sonorous rocks, just like those at the Musical Stones of Skiddaw in England and the Bell Rock Range in Australia. So what’s special about sonorous rocks? When you hit them with a hammer, they ring just like bells! We crawled around the boulders for an hour finding different bell tones and trying to play our favorite songs with them.

ringing rocks

Just through the woods are waterfalls (they were dry when we got there, but hit them after a few rainy days and they are incredible!) and a well-worn trail perfect for an easy weekend hike. So plot your next mini adventure, wake up early to explore and you’ll be home in time for lunch!

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