Happy Birthday FreePeople.com!

Today marks 8 years since the launch of our webstore, www.freepeople.com, and this milestone has us thinking back. Below, you’ll find a few memories of the site as it looked on launch day. What memories do these photos bring back? Shopping Free People clothing during a totally different time in your life, remebering where you were, or what you were up to? Hopefully good thoughts come flooding back. We asked our blog team to share their first memories of www.freepeople.com, you’ll find them below, too!

“The first Free People item I ever got was a gorgeous ivory tank top with little flower details around the neckline – one of my best friends gave it to me because it didn’t fit her, and I was totally floored. Just knowing that it was from Free People was enough to make my day. Years later it’s covered in stains, but I won’t give it up. I love that thing!”- FP Brigette

” I don’t remember the first Free People item I got, because it was a long time ago…I’ve been buying Free People for years, back to when it was just a small oasis of amazing bohemian beauty in the Urban Outfitters stores. But today I actually happen to be wearing a Free People vest from a few years ago that my sister gave me. It is still one of my favorite things, and what I loved about it then and still love now is that it’s not just a typical vest, it has an incredibly soft fuzzy lining and cute little details that make it special, just like all FP items!” – FP Julia

“I remember coming across Free People when I travelled the east coast when I was 18 years old. I walked into their store on 5th Ave in New York and fell in love with the atmosphere and how everything looked like it was made by hand. I felt like I had walked into my fantasy world at that time and had to buy something! Because I was travelling I had little money but was adamant to by at least one thing to take back home with me, I bought a pair of socks that had a little frill on them and they made me so happy. I loved the brand after that and stalked them every day online.”- FP Jemma

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8 years ago

I only just recently discovered free people, and bought my first two items at the beginning of this year…a black bow hair clip and a flower headbands shaped like a bow

8 years ago

I have been buying Free People since i was 13 years old. (I am now 21). I bought most of my items in my two favorite boutiques in my hometown. I wish I could remember what my first item was, but I do remember some of the earlier ones. I had a short teal dress with metalic blue and green detailing at the breast and spaghetti straps, a teal paisley tank top, and a bright orange hooded sweater. Those are just a few. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up so much since then that now I only dream of free people and read the wonderful blog!! But I am still a loyal, undying fan. :)

8 years ago

I’ve loved free people for years now, back when they first were being sold in small bits at Urban Outfitters. I have a cute grey denim overall dress that still keep that I’ve had for YEARS now. It has a few rusted buttons but I refuse part with it. I STILL get compliments on it. I still own a lot of free people clothing and sadly, I’ve also parted with a few items because they don’t fit anymore.

Courtney H
8 years ago

My Free People experience mirrors Jemma’s. I was shopping and came across the store and loved everything about it. I bought a couple of items that day and have been in love ever since. I look forward to the new catalogs and I am constantly going through old catalogs. I’m always browsing the website and the blog.

8 years ago

My first FP item was a dress that I bought for my 8th grade graduation- a mid-length yellow cotton sundress with little orange flowers. Since then, I’ve been an avid fan and even worked in one of the stores for about a year. It’s been amazing to see the brand evolve into such a well-rounded lifestyle.

8 years ago

I bought my first free people item in a macys when I was 19. This really cute tank that’s turquoise with orange and red flowers on it and orange beading along the neckline. It was so my style then and I instantly fell in love! I wore it for the first time on my first date with my boyfriend to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d and dated him 5 years after that! haha Don’t know if the two are related, but even though it’s my younger style I’ve outgrown a little, I can’t give up that adorable shirt :) and I’ve filled my closet with fp ever since! I walk into work and my friends will say, “wow! you look cute! free people?” :) yea i’m that girl… and i love it!

8 years ago

I bought my first 2 Free People dresses from a delia*s catalog in 2001. It was much cheaper back then!

8 years ago

Nice blog. After reading this blog i planned to buy these kind of girls dresses to my daughter. i searched in many ecommerce site finally i got in below site..

Sarah H.
8 years ago

I bought my first free people sweater at Macy’s in 2006…it was my first ever purchase on my credit card too…I will always remember my first credit card and my first purchase.. I have since started my own collection of free people clothing and will continue adding more to my closet : ) … thank you for being original..