Hey LA! Win Tickets To See Reptar & Earlimart This Sunday

RDIO Live presents Reptar with Earlimart this Sunday at the Cat & Fiddle in Los Angeles CA, and we have 3 pairs of tickets to give away! If you’re in the area and would like to attend the show (on Sunday at 2pm), leave a comment telling us which band you’re most excited to see, and why! We’ll select three winners at random at the end of day who will each get to attend the show with one guest.

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8 years ago

I would love to attend this concert. I found out about Reptar (who I’d most like to see) when visiting my grandmother, and a friend of her’s grandson introduced me. This visit was over the summer, and it was safe to say the grandson and I hit it off instantaneously. We spent the entire summer going to the boardwalk (carnival set-up), eating fries with vinegar, watching movies (Heathers, Titanic, etc.), and playing in the waves — all while listening to Reptar. This band is special to me because it will always remind me of this summer, and the easy-going youth that seems to have been associated with it.

8 years ago

Earlimart! They’re my favorite band to drive around to, and I would love to see them live! It would also be a dream to have a day with my boyfriend where we could enjoy great music and not be focused on work and school.

Delaney DelPonti
8 years ago

Why Reptar of course! And what a convenient contest since the boy who has stolen my heart happens to love Reptar as well! What a wonderful surprise it would be if I could snag us tickets the way that damn boy has snagged by heart! Perfect first date?! I think so!

Jennifer S
8 years ago

It’s hard to choose.!! Both Earlimart and Reptar are great bands. It would be great to see them live. A great way to spend my Sunday. Let my mind wander off after all the studying i’ve been doing this week. It would be a nice treat.

8 years ago

I would love, love, love to see Reptar! I really need to get out of the house (doing creative work 24/7) and refresh my mind with some great tunes. The inspiration is needed!

8 years ago

Reptar!! Everything about their music is beautiful. I’d love to see them live since i’ve been a fan since they started out. Great music always!

8 years ago

I would love to take my daughter to this concert. She’s been so busy with school these past weeks and she needs a break. She happens to be a fan of both bands and I think this would be a special gift for the both of us to share.!!

Hannah V
8 years ago

I’d love to see reptar because their album body faucet puts me in thee best mood! love em, love em love em to death.

8 years ago

Oh my goodness, REPTAR?! I absolutely love them and they’ve functioned so far as a feel-good soundtrack to my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. They make such great tunes and always always brighten my day. They’re a perfect match for the beautiful weather in LA.

Melissa M
8 years ago

Please send this native Angeleno to see Reptar and Earlimart! Earlimart has scored a lot of the amazing memories that have grounded me in this city. I grew up here with their beautiful guitars and subtle voices and now, at 24, I love their folky, California-sun-kissed sound more than ever- and yet I still haven’t seen them! I’d love the opportunity to hear them live on Sunday- it’s about time :) Thanks!

Kyle Vane
8 years ago

Reptar is my all time favorite band EVER! I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about a year ago. The pills they prescribed help a little, but the only real thing that takes me out of this world and into my happy place is listening to Reptar. They are honestly my only escape and nothing would make me happier than to go to this concert.