Office Style: Americans vs. The British

At our home office we have a lot of English girls working here, and on a weekly basis I love comparing the style of both the British and the Americans and take note of how they are different. I feel British girls are a lot more understated; they are happy to wear basics and small touches of details – you’ll often find them in jeans and it is said that we love black! Here at Free People the American girls have a lovely touch of laid back cool about them with a hippie flare. You’ll find them wearing Chucks, tie-dyed dresses, fringe vests over floral dresses and lots of jewelry.

To me the British style is sleek and clean with unexpected touches and the American style is cool, laid back and bohemian. I love taking elements of both— the styles are quite inspiring.

Here’s what the Brits vs. the Americans wore this week:

The Americans

The British

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11 years ago

Its so funny how the American girls are all smiling while the British aren’t. So great.

11 years ago

Love the British style… but I’m bias ;)
But I do love the 3rd american outfit the most out of all of them – the dress is gorgeous! As well as the girl =] xx

11 years ago

I surprisingly say American, as an American i usually find that the British care more about their style and have a lot more fashionable clothing. However, the Americans in the pictures above are more stylish and office-y in my opinion. I would definitely wear all those outfits when working a fashion related job. I would wear what the beautiful British girls are wearing on a weekend, but that’s just me. :)

11 years ago

Having lived (and worked) in both countries, British office style when done properly (pencil skirt and top) can be quite glamourous.. And american street style (in california) is way too bohemian and hobo looking.
The pics above don’t do it much justice, although yes the british girls FP has hired understand jeans better than frocks (not the cinderella type obviously).

Gurley Girl
11 years ago

i love the first dress shown… the tye-dye sleeveless one…. Does FP have something similar?

11 years ago

America is a continent…

11 years ago

Even though the American girls are all wearing dresses, the British girls all look much more put together in my opinion. I think the first American pic is gorgeous, but it doesn’t hit me as office chic, just a really pretty summer look to go to the park.

11 years ago

Oh how I love the Brittish style. Yet, I’m american. Not to say the American’s look freaking fabulous as well.

11 years ago

American girl in Converse steals my heart. She wins:)

11 years ago

I love them both! I definitely dress like both the Americans and the Brits on a weekly basis :)

11 years ago

British look is crap! I live here so i do know very well. Americans got taste which brits have no idea of just look at the streets.LOL However british celebs do know how to dress up. Well not surprised with all the stylists and money they got :p

11 years ago

These outfits are adorable – I especially love the purple ti-dye dress and the jeans in that last photo. I need those things!

I’m wearing my Free People dress in my blog post today!!

11 years ago

The smiles on the American girls make the answer undeniable. You’ll never look put together and pretty with a scowl on your face!

11 years ago


11 years ago

usually I prefer British style than American style, yet being both British and American I have seen both sides’ worst and best.

11 years ago

Hey now! I’m a proud American, but all these girls are beautiful (smile does help though) frankly I don’t see too much of a difference between American and British styles here.

11 years ago

Im a brit, but I have to agree the Americans definitely look happier. Love the styling for both! This should be a weekly post!!

11 years ago


11 years ago

I disagree with this statement saying Brits are more conservative, it’s completely the oppositte, whoever wrote this has not been to England! I’m half British and half American, I have lived in both countries- the style in England is crazies and out there- America gets its style from us, from europe. America is very boring unless in a city like New York or the random unique individuals who mess around with fashion. I also know that because I live in CT, NY and VA.

11 years ago

To be honest i cant see a lot of difference between the outfits but americans trying to take credit for the hippy and boho looks ia pretty shocking since it started in britain in the early 60s…british fashion isnt at all conservative or reserved thats just how the media portrays britain. if you go down the streets of london you will see the wildest fashion, even if you go on the streets of any cities. british fashion is much more grungey, bohemian and 60s inspired

11 years ago

Im from england and i totally agree! Americans just try and make us the uptight reserved people because in fact for such a small place we have the best funky designs such as viv westwood! Not exactly reserved ey?

11 years ago

Hiii im british and i love all the outfits but they really all could be seen anywhere as i feel american quite casual and the britiah pictures seem to say that to me.:-/ its just because of our terrible weather that we cant be more boho! I think all our festivals prove we can do the boho hippy look just as good if not better than americans all the looks are really pretty tho especially like the second british one and the british arent smiling because were a bit more chilled instead of outgoing!

11 years ago

I would disagree with this. I am British and live in London, an to be honest i’d have to say its the individual, I personally hate wearing jeans, I love dresses with floral prints, with a denim shirt over the top, sorry x

11 years ago

I completely disagree. British style isn’t clean or neat, it’s edgy. Us Brits like to take risks with what we wear. Have you ever been in Vivienne Westwood? We have more of a rough edge, we can’t look too ‘done’ or too ‘neat’. I don’t think you’ve done enough research because you’ve got it all wrong!