A Few Reasons Why We Love Dressing Up

What is it about dressing up that makes us feel incredible? Isn’t it nice when you have somewhere special to go and you spend that extra time perfecting your look? The accessories, the makeup, the hairstyle and of course the outfit all gets paid extra attention and spending that little longer time in the mirror perfecting your look to make sure everything is great.

I love this time, it’s empowering. Whenever it comes about I usually listen to my favorite record on the record player, light some candles and sip on a glass of wine while I get ready for the special night ahead of me. It’s a time when your confidence is lifted and it’s beautiful, we love getting ready and dressed up. Do you?

Product above: Stella Maxi Dress, Johnny Tall Boot, Satin Demi Underwire, Brife Set, Double Arrow Cuff

photo © Glen Luchford // Danziger Projects

photo by  Glen Luchford // Danziger Projects

Product: Beaded Wool Dress, Ridge Ripped Tote, Bansi Stilleto Bootie

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10 years ago

I rarely have anywhere special to go, so this is saved for Christmas…this is when I get dressed up and spend a little extra time in the mirror!

10 years ago

Instead of making a point to demonstrate that I have something to say or really enter into your life as Language as myself, let me take a moment as to speak as a man and just say Thank You. Well-dressed beautiful women make my day in exactly the way a sunrise would if the sky held also the the possibility of sex which isn’t to say I try to or would try to or even entirely want to have sex with every beautiful woman I see, but that it’s a particularity of the aethetic experience in precisely the way another dimension is a particularity of sculpture. That has to be a burden for the human beings who get judged as such all the time. I can’t change biology, and I enjoy beauty too much to apologize, but I mean it when I say thanks and glad you love dressing up as much as I love it when you do.