Saturday Do: Nestle Someplace And Read A Book

When I need some space, some time alone or when the night is slow, I take a book to a nearby restaurant/bar and order a glass of red wine. I sit and get lost in the words of the story that’s before me. Come fall the evenings chant me to do this… There’s something I love so much about the evenings in September; there’s a certain cold glow in the sky that makes me feel great.  I’m currently reading The Fall by Albert Camus, a philosophical book written in 1956. It’s set in Amsterdam and has a dark, rich storyline. Jean-Baptiste Clamence reflects upon his life to a stranger in a book that explores themes of innocence, imprisonment, non-existence, and truth – all aspects I think each and every one of us touches upon on a daily basis.

I sit watching the evening get darker minute by minute, reading Camus’s words and letting the noise around become quieter and quieter as I get more immersed in the story in front of me.

I love September and I love getting soaked into a book. So, DO nestle someplace and read a book this fall.

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  1. I have not enough words for how much I love the Saturday Do articles here, same with the Monday Quote AND the horoscopes! Oh, free people you always make my day!

  2. This is great! I love the “Saturday Do” post. Funny this is my plan for later on this evening but it won’t be leisure reading though.

  3. Love that tablecloth in the background of that first picture! so distracting. Love this blog and all of its inspiration!

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