Scenes From The Home Office

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lazer Disco. Not only does he have the coolest name ever but he’s pretty stinking cute. Along with this cute new addition, check out what we’ve been up to this week!

mini seashells

I spent one last weekend at the beach and finally collected some shells to keep by my desk and remind me of the beach all winter long.

mini seashells

desk plants

Pretty desk décor.


This is what happens when you leave a watermelon sitting in the Free People lobby. :)

free people home office

free people home office

Our new lobby décor.

string lights

Well this is a brilliant idea, putting little fake flowers around the base of string lights!

vintage glass bottles

string lights

Out-of-focus string lights.

fake fireplace

The sweetest little faux fireplace.

hair style

Anastasia getting her hair and makeup done in our studio – stay tuned for a tutorial coming soon!

shell mobile

I wanna make something like this!

navy yard

Navy Yard sky.

vintage bottles

Photos by Julia.

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Lazer Disco is AMAZING. I am starstruck every time I see him.

Micaela Swaney

The nail and string at is amazing! it looks so beautiful too! I totally wanna do something like that!

love all these photos, very inspiring to the creative spirit inside of me, lol….I love pomys they are so freaking adorable!!!

Going to vamp up my dorm room with those lights with the fake flowers! So many ideas!


What kind of dog is Lazer?? So adorable!