Trinkets We Collect

Our work desk is where we spend most of our time, so decorating it with things that mean something to us becomes comforting. Brigette, Julia and I surround ourselves with things that inspire us, items we collect or make and little trinkets that have been given to us and that we cherish.

Here are my 3 most cherished trinkets on my desk:

Stone: This was giving to me by my boyfriend; he collected it whilst out exploring in Wissahickon here in Philly. It has a beautiful shimmer that is always catching my attention and makes me smile. I love the contrast of dull versus shimmer it has.

Happiness coin: This was giving to me by a friend before I moved to America – she told me to always keep it on me and I have. On the back it spells out happiness in Egyptian symbols that I cherish very much.

Little plastic elephant: I found this on the floor next to a hot dog truck in Philly. It was late on a weekend night after bowling. It was a special evening and this little guy holds memories of it.

Julia’s 3 Trinkets

Tiny animals: I found these little wooden animals at the store Uncommon Objects in Austin. It’s one of my favorite stores I’ve ever set foot in, full of old found objects and little trinkets like these. I have no idea where these originally came from or how old they are, but they’re pretty adorable.

Seashell: Whenever I’m at the beach I like to spend some time collecting seashells, stones and sea glass. It’s such a peaceful thing to do, and I have a really pretty collection of finds at home. I left this one on my desk though as a reminder of the beach and summer, and I like that it’s broken and imperfect.

Ring: This ring was my mom’s and one of the only things of hers that I have in my possession, so it is very, very special to me. I actually couldn’t find it for quite a while and I was really upset about it, but I just found it last week (in my car!) and it literally made my day. I’ll be taking better care of it from now on.

Bird: This decoration was a gift from a friend of mine – one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. It’s so “me” and it really shows that she knows what I’m all about.

Apothecary necklace: My last boyfriend made this for me. It’s filled with little pieces of wood to represent him and tiny flowers to represent me. We’re not together anymore, but he’s still a huge part of my life.

Heart necklace: This was my mom’s – she used to wear it all the time. She passed away a few years ago and I love to keep it at my desk to remind me how much of a loving, beautiful person she was. I like to think that the three hearts represent myself and my two sisters, who are my absolute best friends in the world.

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