3 New Music Releases We Love

Every once in a while there’s a lull in the calendar of new music releases but then it picks back up again and I find myself with a handful of new albums that I can’t stop listening to! Today I wanted to share three new albums that I love – sample them below and let me know what you think!

lord huron

Lord Huron is someone I first discovered last summer and it was one of those love at first listen situations.  Lord Huron is led by singer/songwriter Ben Schneider, who explores a more full, folk-rock sound on his first full length release Lonesome Dreams. While his Into The Sun and Mighty EPs had a sparse, foggy, dreamlike quality, the new album takes that sound and removes some of the filters for more rustic and tangible songs that you can grasp on to. They still have that feeling of wanderlust to them that originally drew me to Lord Huron, though – they make me want to go on adventure, with his music as my soundtrack. I also love the accompanying visuals pictured here, via his website.

lord huron

tame impala

I’m a huge fan of good old psychedelic rock and one of the best bands doing it these days is the group Tame Impala out of Perth, Australia.  I love listening to them because it transports me to a different place and time…I feel like I should be at the Fillmore in San Francisco, watching them live as they hypnotize the crowd with their sound and psychedelic lights.  So when I was booking my birthday trip to San Francisco next month, you can imagine how stoked I was to see that they are playing the Fillmore on my birthday – you can bet I’ll be there.  Their new album Lonerism picks up where 2010’s Innerspeaker left off, with more mind-altering soundscapes and just the right amount of distortion and fuzz. My favorites so far are the “Apocalypse Dreams,” and the standout track “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which is addictive with its catchy Beatles-esque chorus.

tame impala

bat for lashes

Bat For Lashes is back with their first release since 2009, The Haunted Man, an aptly titled album that is certainly fitting for the time of year. Natasha Khan’s gorgeous voice is simultaneously strong and fragile, a contradiction that makes her so interesting to listen to.  This is one for a gray day, one to listen to while writing or relaxing, to let its subtle beauty sink into your bones.  I love the percussion in “All Your Gold” and urgent beauty of “Laura.” You can listen to the album over on NPR!

bat for lashes

More indie music we love :)


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