3 Ways To Decorate With Leaves

There is something so astounding about all the leaves changing color in the fall. I’m always mesmerized by the beauty that’s created among the trees as different leaves are at different stages of change, prior to falling gracefully to the ground. It’s as if you’re starting directly at real life artwork… because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

I love to bring leaves into my home in the fall. It brings about a fresh, crisp yet cozy feeling that I just can’t get enough of. While my usual style of décor is all about clutter, I like to switch it up when it comes to leaves. In this case, I think simple is best. Here are three ways to decorate with leaves this season.

1. Hang them with twine

Decorating With Leaves

Decorating With Leaves

I like to take a few leaves that are all the same kind, yet each a different color, tie some twine to their stems, and arrange them in ombre-order. I love the way the bright yellow fades gradually into the deep red.

Decorating With Leaves

You can then hang them wherever you like; from your ceiling, on a window,  by your desk – anywhere, really!

Leaves Brick Wall

I also love the idea of clustering them together and hanging them on a brick wall. This one little piece could bring interest to an entire wall!

2. Use Masking Tape

Decorating With Leaves

Another way to display leaves on your wall is to use tiny pieces of masking tape and position them stem side up. I absolutely love the simplicity of this idea, and how the stems don’t all face the same direction. I cut the masking tape into imperfect rectangles to add to the natural, imperfect feeling I wanted to create.

3. Put One In A Bottle

Leaf in a Bottle

It’s no surprise that I’d incorporate a glass bottle into my leaf décor. We all know how much I love vintage glass containers!  For this idea I chose just one leaf that I thought worked well with the size and shape of the bottle. I love how delicate this feels. This would look so cute on a windowsill or kitchen shelf!

How are you incorporating leaves into your home décor this fall?

Photos by Brigette.

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7 years ago

I was actually thinking about decoupaging some real leaves on pumpkins instead of making faces on them

7 years ago

There are such amazing colored leaves out there right now… Wish it would be forever autumn sun <3

7 years ago

I just love those ideas, they are simple but creative! I needed some ideas of decoration for next saturday (the birthday of my mom), thanks for those!

7 years ago

My room is so festive now. I love the warm autumn vibes I get when I walk in, thanks for these awesome ideas :)