4 Ways To Beat Hard Water Hair

UPDATE: This post originally ran August 1, 2012, but we wanted to share these helpful tips with you again! As the weather gets colder and drier, you may notice your hair drying out along with it, so make sure you follow these tips if you’re a victim of hard water hair!

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I anticipated a lot of things. I was ready to start a completely new life; to start my first “real” job; to move into an apartment on my own; to make an entirely new group of friends. But there was one thing for which I wasn’t prepared:  hard water.

I come from New York where the water is brilliantly soft. It’s great for skin, great for hair, and (perhaps most importantly) great for bagels and pizza. Within my first week in Philly, I began to notice that my hair was behaving quite strangely. It was dry and straw-like. It felt brittle and lifeless. It was extremely knotty and almost sticky to the touch. I had no idea what was going wrong, and then it finally hit me: It was the change in water.

Hard water is water that contains a large amount of minerals. Mineral content in water can vary from state to state – even from city to city. While it’s not harmful to your health, hard water can bring serious problems to your skin and hair, adding to them a buildup of minerals and drying them out. If you’ve ever moved from a soft water city to a hard water city, I know you can feel my pain. But don’t fret my dears, because hard water does not have to ruin your life!

After three months of researching and experimenting, I’m finally figuring out the best ways to bring hard water hair back to its naturally beautiful state. Here are my tips on how to beat hard water hair:

Install a showerhead water filter

Outdoor Shower

Yes, these exist! Showerhead water filters work just like drinking water filters by enhancing pH balance, filtering out unwanted chemicals and letting only the good stuff pass through! These filters are built into their own showerheads, so just be prepared to replace your entire showerhead. They vary in price depending on their various functions and designs, but you can get a good one from Aquasana for around $70!

Use a chelating shampoo

Soap Bubbles in Hand

Chelating shampoos are specifically designed to prevent and remove mineral buildup in your hair. A chelating agent will chemically bind to minerals, removing them before you even have a chance to notice that they’re there. Some shampoo companies throw around words like “clarifying,” “chelating,” and “neutralizing,” so to be sure you’re using the right product, look for one that has the ingredient EDTA. Because a chelating shampoo will strip your hair, they should only be used about once a week, and should be followed with an intensely moisturizing conditioner.

Make an apple cider vinegar rinse

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one thing I have not yet tried, but plan to do this week! A vinegar rinse will not only remove buildup from your hair, but also give it bounce and shine! Mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 qt. of distilled water. First shampoo your hair and rinse well. Apply the mixture, leave on for a few seconds, and rinse with cold water. There’s no need to condition afterwards. Due to the acidic nature of vinegar, use this rinse only once a week – perhaps alternating weeks with your chelating shampoo, if you choose to use one of those, as well.

Finish off with argan oil

Argan Oil on Table

Argan oil is an amazing product that will make your hair the shiniest, most moisturized, and healthiest looking it has ever been. Hard water will dry out your hair and argan oil will restore the moisture right away. Simply apply to damp hair after you get out of the shower and style as usual! You can apply to your ends only or all over, depending on how dry your hair is. Just be careful not to use too much (or any at all) by your roots, as this could cause your hair to appear greasy. UPDATE: Make sure you choose pure argan oil rather than a silicone-based hair product that will only contain a small amount. A good choice is Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. (Thanks for your comments on this!)

Do you have any tips on beating hard water hair? We’d love to hear them. Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Lush had a shampoo bar specifically designed for hard water. I don’t know if they still have it, but you could always check them out.

  2. Unfortunately, the products you posted got nothing to do with argan oil. argan oil is great, when used pure, its also great for the skin and definately doesnt cause breakouts. these “hair oils” are silicone based, they only contain very little argan oil, what makes your hair shiny and bouncy is the silicone. (which when used over a long period of time will damage your hair)

  3. Aubrey organics makes a phenomenal chelating “swimmer’s” shampoo/conditioner…great for hard water, chlorine, and sea water. For an ACV rinse, try adding 2 tbsp honey to retain moisture and to add a silkier finish. Pure, organic oils such as marula, coconut, and argan are perfect for skin/hair as they absorb without the dreaded oil slick and help normalize sebum production so every type of skin/hair can benefit!

  4. amazing post!!! ive been living with hard water for 6 months and i can absolutely feel it in my hair! thank you thank you! give an egg white hair mask a try too, its a gem!

  5. my parents installed hard water and when i moved to my condo a year ago I could tell my hair and sensitive was no use to the hard water. thanks for the tips!

  6. hard water can be such a bummer! i went from some of the cleanest water in the US to very, very hard water. my skin was very reactive and my hair just seemed so limp! if you’re used to not washing your hair too often (i did a lot of only-conditioner daily showers when my water was nice and balanced), try to notice WHERE in your hair the minerals seem to be building up. For me, it’s right above my ears and in the back of my hair near my neck. I just wash these places every shower now (even with a fancy filter, our water is still not perfect) and then do a full head wash once or twice a week. Conditioner is always necessary, as hard water will give build up but also can be very drying! It took me over a year to get a good system but I think my hair is getting back to normal. As for skin, the dermatologist was the only one who really helped me. xoxoxo good luck everybody

  7. Wow! Interesting post. I agree that hard water is water that contains a large amount of minerals. While it’s not harmful to your health, hard water can bring serious problems to your skin and hair, adding to them a buildup of minerals and drying them out. That is why we should consider purchasing waters oftener.

  8. Wet your hair….mix a cup of water and 3 tablespoons of Baking Soda in a container……swirl around until dilluted…… pour the mix onto wet hair….rinse your hair again. THE BEST buildup remover for pennies. GREAT for any hair type!

  9. Great Tips! I also have hard water and find that if I use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, it helps in beating hard water damage.

  10. I live in a place with very hard water. I follow the no-poo hair system: shampoo with bar soap or Dr. Bronners (or baking soda paste if you prefer), and condition with vinegar water or a coffee rinse. My hair has never been shinnier, softer, curlier, or more voluminous in my life :)

  11. Brilliant…. you have no idea how we have been searching for a solution to this problem. We will be buying a shower filter immediately and follow your suggestions. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

  12. Thank you do much :) I just moved into a new place and the water is much harder! Grrrr. Not only has the gold began drying me out, so has the water! Not only my hair but especially my skin! It’s been making my naturally curly/kinda frizzy hair frizzier, my scalp itchy, and my body ashy. Oh, and on top of that it’s been making me break out! So uh yah, definitely HAVE to try these tips! I’m almost positive the filter shower head is gonna work! Thnx bridgette <3
    REQUEST: could you do a post on taking care of and styling naturally curly (not ethnic.), frizz prone, dry, hair?

  13. It’s a relief to see I’m not the only one talking about this! Several years ago I noticed a drastic change in my hair and couldn’t understand why. I can’t remember how I came to it, but I realized hard water was the culprit. The showerhead filter became a nuisance to have to change every 3 months, it became challenging to find in the store and the filter mainly only removes chlorine, and not the minerals that are causing the problem. So I took it to the next level, water softening. After much research, I finally found a system that didn’t require some huge purchase, or being a homeowner – as I rent. I promise I don’t work for these guys! http://www.watersticks.com. Yeah, looks like some guy made it in his garage, but it helped a ton.

    I moved a while later and had the wonderful luxury of fantastic, soft water. Oddly, I had to move again a couple of months ago, within the same neighborhood, and just noticed that I’m having hard water issues again. Back to the water softening system I go, sadly, it was so nice to have great hair for a while! Thanks for the other tips girls! I’m going to check them out!

  14. I have lived in a house with hard water for about 5 and a half years, and my mom had told me not to wash my hair with that water but to wash it with the spring water that she gets and of course only being around 10 at the time i did not believe her. However, my questions are: 1. How long would it take for me to get all that hard water out of hair? 2. How do i know which argan oil to get? 3. How do i know which apple cider vinegar to get? For years i thought that the cause of my hair being dry and brittle and horse tail like was due to dying my hair. I’ve changed shampoos and conditioners and everything. Please help me?

  15. Angie, get the shower filter! I just got mine yesterday and it works fantastic! I also used 1 part cider vinegar to 2 parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Use only once every week or every other week. Spray it all over your head after you shampoo and let it soak in for a minute then rinse. That’s all it takes to get the scale out of your hair. I’m waiting for my chelating shampoo and the argan oil spray to ship, but right now I don’t even think I need that stuff. The shower filter works miracles.

  16. I have moved in with my boyfriend about 2 years ago who has hard water. I have never before had to wash my hair with hard water so I have thought that I was damaging my hair from too much heat with the blow drying and the flat irons until recently when I had my hair done I was ask if I had hard water. My hair has never ever been so brittle, dry, frizzy with this kind of breakage. I have cut off 6 inches of my hair thinking that would help but NO nothing has seemed to work. I have been trying I really appreciate all of these awesome ideas and will try them but first I am going to go buy me a filter for my shower. I am so excited that I have found this blog. Thank you so much!!!

  17. I just moved into my great grandmothers house because we sold our house and are saving up to buy in the future. The house is over 100 years old and while the interior has been updated the pipes haven’t. The water is terribly hard but we have put a water softener on. I have strawberry blonde hair and fair skin. I’ve always just done highlights and loved my hair. We’ve been here 3 months and the minerals have darkened my hair and given it an orange tint. My stylist says there’s no way to remove it and the only option is to go dark. I don’t want to look like an orange highlighter but I don’t think I can pull off dark hair! The water has been tested and shows normal levels of iron and stuff. It was just really hard. I need help! What do I do? I’m trying Malibu hard water wellness kit. Should this work?

  18. DON’T SPEND MONEY on an overpriced showerhead filter! These will NOT work well as point-of-use water softeners! They only filter out particulate matter (like sand), not the ions or microns of minerals which are in solution in the water supply. The process of softener water rich with minerals requires a multi-gallon reservoir where the exchange can happen — it’s not possible in that little showerhead attachment.

  19. So glad there’s a few solutions! I’m a recent American expat from Dallas to London and my skin is the main problem! I was recently introduced to Argan oil and Rhassoul clay and it seems to help, but can’t keep hydrated enough. Even have a humidifier! Any suggestions for my face would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for the hair tips!

  20. Glad I found this! So many good tips and so many of us with similar issues. Thanks for the great details!

  21. Also I forgot to ask, do you know of any chelating shampoos on the market? I’ve searched brands that are sold at Sally’s and at a few hair salon level. I like the organic method better but I also want to purchase brands as well for other purposes.

  22. It is important that one utilize the proper water softener equipment to help soften their home water supply. Hard water is naturally present and without taking steps to soften the water supply, it can wreak havoc on a home’s appliances as well as make for a longer lasting shower and also creates water deposits.

  23. it is definitely important that one uses the proper water softener to help soften and purify the water. Without treatment, almost all water is hard and full of impurities.

  24. I just moved from a home that had an iron filter, a water softener and a drinking water system installed. I work for the company that makes the equipment. The house where I live now (temporary situation) has hard water and in a matter of a few weeks my hair is so nasty I can’t stand to feel it on my head. I miss my water softener :( I am looking for some temporary remedy that I can use in the mean time until I can get situated in a permanent place that I will be able to treat the incoming water supply with a water softener. I am currently using Ion Purifying Solutions shampoo and conditioner from Sally’s but it’s not even beginning to help. I swear by a water softener and have noticed in a short amount of time how desperate I am going to need another one or I may have to start washing my hair with distilled water!!! I am going to check with my company to see if they have something that could work in my current situation (Kinetico.com).

  25. I just discovered scalp oil from Morrocan oil called dry no more. It has salicylic acid and various oils. I like that it only goes on your scalp. I typically apply 2xweek (to scalp only) 15 minutes prior to shower. In shower condition hair first, then wash hair with moisturizing shampoo then deep condition. After blow dry on cool setting I use velcro rollers for sensitive hair. This helps smooth the frizz. (Only use velcro brand as they have a closed loop. Open loops damage) I live in Florida with very hard water and humidity. Even with a water softener my scalp and h hair is extremely damaged. This is the first product that is helping. I believe this is also a better alternate to harsh medicated shampoos.

  26. Ion has started making Hard Water Shampoo and Hard Water Conditioner specific to this problem. They sell it at Sally Beauty Supply. I just got it and have used it twice. My hair looks like it should instead of a sticky pile of straw! I don’t know about soap, though. Gonna try using boiled water to wash my face.

  27. after living for 66 yrs. in a city with soft water I moved into a house with hard water and for the past year my scalp has been ITCHING. My (grey) hair texture seems the same, but it is also very short and I use no styling products. No problems with skin. I have tried the Nioxin, Malibu, Proactiv, Head & Shoulders, Selsun, something with Shea Butter a sensitive skin redhead friend recommended, Tea Trea oil something another friend recommended, Redken Detoxifying and a couple of others. Really excited to read about the Joico K Pak until I looked in my shower and realized it is the latest product that hasn’t been working for the past 3 weeks. This ITCHING is making me crazy. I’ll try the Sally Beauty products, the Baking Soda with vinegar rinse and I just ordered the shower filter. I haven’t seen anyone else mention the itching issue, I can’t be the only one?

  28. Thanks for this blog! I am looking forward to more comments. I just moved to a place with hard water and not only is my husband’s skin turning ashy, my hair feels “heavy” or like there is something in it.
    I have dyed my hair with henna for the past 3-4 years, and stopped using conditioner back home (softer water) because I didn’t even need it! I use the “free and clear” or whatever type of Fructis shampoo, and it was working great. But here? Ugh. So glad I found this. I’m going to try a filter first, and if that doesn’t work, a point of use softener. I’m in an apartment so I don’t want to spend beaucoup bucks on something right now. Thanks for the Water Sticks recommendation, Nicole, I’m glad someone mentioned those, as I thought the website looked sketchy too. :)

  29. Oh, and Catty, you’re not alone–my husband is itchy too. Heck, now *I’m* itchy thinking about it!

  30. I live in the UK and we have a home in Brazil with solar energy and the pipes are made of copper. Copper particles have been released into the water, therefore my hair is completely covered with it! I tried to colour my hair and noticed that my entire head was on fire, literally! When I washed my hair it went orange!!! I tried to do it again and it got worse! I went to a hair specialist and she told me what happened and to my disappointment no fix for it. I have a multi-coloured head and I am quite desperate. I tried various cleansing shampoos including Joico K Pak as well as Redken but nothing seems to work. Has anyone experienced such thing? What can I do now?

  31. Recently moved to Fla and hair has gotten quite dry and straw-like. Hard water must be the reason! Will stop the silicone treatment and try some of the ones mentioned here. But, I color my hair… Will chelating or clarifying shampoo pull out the color? Ann

  32. The ONLY thing that will help your hair is the Malibu treatments in a Salon. I kid you not. I had major build up of iron, etc. in my hair and that is the only solution you can get to get your hair back in shape! It’s amazing!! Trust me, it took me 1 1/2 years of research to find out what was going on with my hair. Also you can check their website at malibuc.com

  33. Thank you for the post! I recently moved to OH (six months ago). About a month after living here, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my hair! I normally have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz. The only good thing over the summer was that I didn’t have a frizz problem, but my hair was dry and straw-like, wouldn’t curl up, or even hold hair from the curling iron. The only thing I could think of was the change in water, as I had a water softener at my previous home, and now I am on city water with no water softener. I was so glad to see this post and confirm that hard water can indeed change your hair. I am anxious to try your recommendations and those of other’s postings. Any recommendations on quaility daily shampoo for color treated hair in-between the chelating?

  34. just moved from NYC to FL this week and noticed a huge difference in my hair already from the hard water. I thought it was the humidity before but as it’s heading into fall(ish) in FL, the humidity definitely isn’t the issue. I read on Real Simple online that some good shampoos for hard water you can find at drugstores are Pantene and Fructis. I bought 3 different shampoos today at walmart cause I’m desperate to get my hair back: pantene aqua light (silicone free and has EDTA), Suave daily clarifying (also has EDTA) and Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, which claims to instantly “remove over 90% of dulling residue”- so will try those along with the apple cider vinegar. Already tried argan oil and that’s been great- just have to go really light on it as it does make my hair greasy towards the end of the day.

  35. I bought a 55 year old house and this is exactly what happened to my hair. It took me 2 1/2 years to figure it out. I have to go to friends to wash my hair but it is totally dry after the years of hard water build up. It only took you a while to figure it out. If you have any ideas on conditioners let me know. Thank you, Julie Lawrence

  36. Our plumber friend was talking to my contractor husband about having a well pump right from the well head in addition to what we have in the house. We have a well pump, pressure tank, and salt filter in laundry room and an aerator just outside of the house. He explained to my husband that the well pump in the house is drawing the water from a shallow level even though it is a deep well. He explained that all the smells coming from the aerator are layers of gases in the earth. If we add a pump at the well then it will draw up water from much deeper eliminating the gases we are pumping into our house. I have seen videos of people igniting the water coming from their kitchen faucets. Now I know why. I also have been dealing with hair issues that I’m still trying to resolve. We will be adding another pump as well as a shower head filter.

  37. All of these tips are so helpful. I have been living at my Mom’s 70 year old house with well water. Not only was scalp itchy but my short hair was impossible to style. A combo of sticky texture and static which would not respond to my usual blow drying routine. So I broke out my goat’s milk bar soap, which is never drying, and washed my hair with that. I didn’t want to use conditioner that I would have to rinse out, I used my favorite aveda leave in conditioner and let it marinate with a shower cap on for 15 min. Followed that with a styling product that contained no alcohol. It worked! My hair finally feels clean after a month and the styling was easy peasy. However, I will from now on keep the cider vinegar and argan oil with me when I visit.

  38. I’ve been using Pantene Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner for the past 3 weeks and it’s been working very well for me. But because it does strip my hair my scalps been a bit itchy, so I’ve gone to doing hair masks once in a while- a great one has been coconut oil mixed with honey, coat wet or dry hair and roll it up and let it all soak in for about 30 minutes. Hair is amazingly soft afterwards and definitely helps the itchy scalp. I’m all about home remedies, so glad I found that one (you can also make a great face mask with the leftover honey and some greek yogurt, voila!) Now I have to figure out a good chelating body wash as the skin on my back and chest have been breaking out badly from the water, I think :( Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks

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  40. With an ACV solution, do you use this in between shampoo and conditioner? Or after? Do you rinse it out with the hard water in the shower or leave it in and blow dry? I need some serious help! Moving to an apartment with hard water after living at home with mom and dad for 26 years having a water softener…not cool!! My hair is so flat and frizzy now and feels coarse and looks greasy! :(

  41. Nyc water is way to soft, it has no mineral content and the soap sticks to your skin and leaves residue and it takes forever to rinse. Fact: when water has some minerals the soap sticks to the minerals and washes off. We have this idiotic water so the soap companies can sell more soap. They pay off our politicians,

  42. This may be a silly question, but when I make the cider vinegar wash can I just use normal (ie hard) water from the tap? I don’t have a purifier!

  43. Vodka works better than apple cider vinegar. I add a splash to my conditioner and let it sit on my hair and then also rinse with a little vodka mixed in a cup of water. Vodka removes hard water minerals and brightens your hair and leaves it silky. Do it a few times a month. It really works!!!

  44. I find that taking Fish Oil really helps my hair to look and feel better. It benefits your hair ,skin and nails. I really noticed the change when I was pregnant. I took a fish oil supplement from Whole Foods 365 brand-I choose them because supposedly these ones dont make your burps fishy. I thought that my hair was just nice bc I was prego, but since I have been taking the supplements again my hair has gone back to being amazing. Aveda makes a detox shampoo called sun care that works very well to clear buildup once a week.

  45. It helps to give your hair an instant healthy boost, but also works to rebuild and repair long term damage caused from everyday wear and tear, environmental damage, mineral deposits, heat styling, chemical processing, and stress.

  46. So… I’m biased because I work for a soft water company, but another way to get rid of hard water hair is to get rid of the hard water. Water softeners are a great tool for that :)

  47. BRIDGE! It’s me, Sadie from STA! Hey girl! Anyways :) So crazy I found your blog post when I was randomly searching for hard water hair care and your post came up first! Crazy. Anyways, after MONTHS of terrible, greasy hair in DC and after doing TONS of research and trying numerous remedies, I finally took your advice and bought an Aquasauna this morning. Here’s hoping it will solve my dirty DC hair dilemma! Thanks for sharing

  48. Thank god for this blog! I just moved to the country from the city and my hair has just flat lined ! I thought I had something terribly wrong with me! Going to be trying theapple cider ssoon for sure

  49. This is a good article, But to add that point hair is also affected by the chemical we use day to day, Taking some vitamins also give a good results, specially vitamin E and fish oil can give an amazing change.

  50. I’ve created a similar post on my blog about the top 5 reasons to soften your water. These are some great tips here Brigette thanks a lot for sharing! I personally took the the approach of just installing a water softener and not having to deal with hard water hair to begin with. I think for someone who can’t afford a softener or doesn’t want to be bothered with it, this is definitely some great advice!

  51. Ahhh yes this is so true! Philly water is AWFUL! and has gotten even worse over the years. It smells like bleach now too. EW! Lately my hair feels like straw no matter what excellent products I use in my hair that USED to ALWAYS work wonders….I guess the hard water finally caught up to me. I can’t even get my hair cut with texturizing anymore without making my ends looks frayed. The water is the worst. Washing dark clothes in it makes them faded even if new! Makes whites look dingy and stained! Colors look dull–even when adding product to help soften the water…..UGH! Hard water go away! Will be getting a whole-house water filter/softener asap! I can’t even wash my face with tap water anymore! I can only use cleanser wipes and thermal water spray–sometimes distilled water but I don’t have the patience to deal with all of that. I have always been quite reluctant to try ACV on my hair thinking it will dry it out more, but now I am desperate! lol Can’t wait for the filter though, as my daughter has eczema and I am sure this hard water doesn’t help any. I think the investment of a filter will help so much in the long run and will no longer have to worry about managing having hard water. For those who live in apts and have no say in getting a water filter/softener….I hope these home remedies work out great!!!

  52. WHAT ABOUT US GIRLS WITH $200 SALON COLORED HAIR ? just spent close to $200 at Ulta coloring my hair.

    Do these tips (acv- chelating shampoos etc ) work on colored treated hair???? Do they take out the color?????

  53. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse??? Is it really helpful? I guess so, but wouldn’t it cause a stinky smell on your hair? Why don’t you use a water softener to keep your hair soft and shiny. Try researching it. :)

  54. What a revelation about philly water!!! I have lived here for 13 years and have been fighting my locks every morning in desperation. I have spent $1000’s every year in products and treatments, and extensive haircuts left with nothing but exasperation because nothing works and my hair only behaves on vacation!!!

  55. Wen! Wen! Wen!
    I started using Wen products 3 months ago while living with city water.
    We moved and now have well water and a water softener system. There is still
    Mineral buildup like iron. But I think my hair is even softer now because Wen is sulfate free and deeply nourishing. People it may not be your water it’s the sulfate and fillers they add.
    And there even the really expensive stuff. Wen is so reasonably and it WoRKs
    I have long fine straight hair. I would cry when I had to untangle it before I start Wen.
    Now it’s soft and tangle free. Also the vinegar treatment is probably awesome I’m going to try it in the winter. You can add a drop of essential oils for the smell.

  56. Dont let them tell you that there is nothing you can do about the buildup. I was living in a nightmare with water so hard that it smelled like rotten eggs when turned to HOT. After a local stylist dying my platinum blonde and now copper tipped hair black, I was about to give up hope; then I stumbled upon Color Oops. It worked wonders for taking all of the dark color out of my hair as well as lifting all of the hard water buildup and leaving me with one shade of beautiful blonde silky shiny manageable hair. If your at your wits end you should really try this ladies. I completely understand how you feel being a female, appearances are everything. The sulfur in Color Oops naturally lifts the built up minerals out of your hair. In my case my mineral was iron. Needless to say I started washing my hair with jug water in 40 degree bathroom in the middle of winter with a crappy space heater until we could afford to move 4 months later. We lived there 2 years. I’m so glad the nightmare is over I can finally regrow my hair after having to have all of the dead cut off and let me tell you it was a good 5 or 6 inches of irreversibly horrible damage. Good luck girls just try Color Oops. I promise it will strip it all out.

  57. I have well water at my house. My hair used to naturally be a very fair shade of blonde. now it has a brassy copper color. I miss my true blonde color! Will these tips work for me? I know I can’t use the shower head filter because our well water will clog it up too quickly, and we can’t afford a water filtration system. ugh. I hope I can fix this. By the way, I visited NYC after I graduated High school and YES! the water is sooooo soft! My hair felt AMAZING and I felt so clean while I was there! I loved it!

  58. Bumble and bumble products have finally given my well water hair a professional blow out look and feel. I’m so pleased to FINALLY find a shampoo an product line that makes my hair look and feel great. I prefer gentle shampoo, super rich conditioner or invisible oil shampoo and conditioner. Followed by invisible oil uv hair primer spray, then styling lotion spray or balm and then layered with straight balm or texture. I want to donate all my other mediocre hair care products and I’ve tried so many. Bumble constantly delivers excellent results. Finally

  59. I live in an Rv park with horrid well water. After 3 months my hair is thinning so bad I can’t get what’s left to style and at least lift from being so flat and just laying on my scalp it’s taking over my life. Have a general water filter but I’ve started washing it in the sink with bottled distilled water. I need to know the best way to get the unwanted minerals and crap out of my hair so it can start to regrow. . help

  60. I believe that soft water has a lot of benefits, not only in our skin but also in misting. I’ve read a few posts regarding the difference between the hard and the soft water, and I think I’ll go with the soft water as it uses a softening device to separate certain components from the water.

  61. Just wanted to chime in that I found a new source of lovely henna which also sells moisturizing shampoo bars, oils and other natural hair care products. I am a fan of henna for 20 years which is also a bit drying on hair but also, for me, wonderful. I recently moved to a hard water remote area and glad to find this new site. The product prices are reasonable and shipping fast. They also have inexpensive sample sizes to try. I am trying out. The site explains products for different needs like dry hair. I’m trying the Moroccan Clay shampoo bar, and rich Cocoveda Shampoo bar. both are lovely and natural smelling. Also a facial moisturizer that is spectacular called ucuuba body butter. It’s rich but not greasy and smells of mandarin and vanilla. site is http://www.hennasooq.com I was a Lush fan for years and still like some things but find they products too perfumy and was devastated to learn they have SFLs in their shampoos :( felt cheated. Glad for this new online shop with I think higher quality then Lush for much less money. Thanks for the tips here about vinegar rinse and baking soda to clarify and coconut/argan oil to moisturize. Going to add those to my regime.

  62. My friend has lost 8″ of hair in 2 /12 years through breakage since moving to a hard water area. And now she’s moved to soft water, it’s growing really fast again. I then found this blog and have just tried the tips to get mine into better shape (the water here is terrible) – First try – AMAZING!! Here’s what I did
    1) Filtered water in a jug (don’t have a softener)
    2) Then put the filtered water into a clean pan, boiled it and let it cool (no minerals to scrape off at all)
    3) Then took 2 large fruit spoons of baking soda (in the UK it’s called bicarbonate of soda) and mixed with a large mug of water. I ‘washed’ hair with this. (I have to say my hair had lots of product in it before washing). Dry shampoo, styling spray – you name it!
    4) Then I took 1/3 cup of Astleys Organic Cider Vinegar – mixed with more of the water and rinsed it all over.
    5) Finished with a cold rinse. Towel dried.
    At this point my hair felt ‘heavy’ and very tangled. I very gently combed it through (took ages, as with no serum or conditioner it’s more difficult). BUT after drying – I’m amazed. It’s so much thicker! It feels fantastic. It already looks longer! I am staggered. I’ll be throwing out the shampoo from now on!

  63. I love the apple cider vinegar idea. It makes your hair smell nice too. I’ve hated our water ever since moving to Va. It causes all kinds of headaches trying to keep tubs, showers, and toilets clean too, ughh!!!

  64. All sort of studies which are carefully connected with the worldwide water recycling update are truly important! Basically we need to concentrate about everything around the water re-use. For me personally is necessary to know that I am using clean water. That is why why at home I’ve got one of those reverse osmosis water filters http://www.ispringfilter.com

  65. If you have hard water or well water (I do) just buy some distilled water, warm it up and use as a final rinse over your hair.

  66. I do trust all the ideas you’ve presented on your post.
    They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the
    posts are very quick for starters. Could you please lengthen them a bit from
    subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  67. For anyone who is on a budget, or anyone who uses these things in their homes regularly; Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil are both great for your dried out hair.! I use them both; switching from one to the other after showers using “hard water”. Coconut Oil can be used throughout most of your hair, and doesn’t usually make the hair look “greasy” because the strands will absorb most of it. Avocado Oil is better used on the ends of the hair, it is a little heavier of an oil and tends to take longer to be absorbed. If you are struggling to end your dry hair problems and nothing else has worked, I advise giving these two Oils a chance.!

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  70. Thank you for this great read, I have struggled with hard water my whole life (even with my kids). It was only after investing in a water softener solution for my house did things improve dramatically (so much so I wrote about it myself). Very good read thank you

  71. Please Help..there are so many solutions for the hard water problem overall but NO answers for us ladies whom color our hair blonde!! After an expensive touch up or full head of high and low lights ,one washing with our hard water relegates me back to a brassy blonde orange..
    Water softner or shower head filter are not an option for us.
    I am currently washing in the tub with distilled water. I don’t see any answers as to what happens to the color as soon as the hard water hits the hair? Do the treatments keep the color the same or just work on the texture etc? I have spent so much time and money trying to find the perfect ash blonde only to come home and ruin it myself..!?? Help help help please! What is the safest way to keep my salon color?

  72. hello, I guarantee you will definitely found your solution here @ http://goo.gl/Paa4g3 . I personally recommend you to choose one of these products as my wife did and it really helped her. The water quality where we are living is not good, its somewhat hard water. So just checkout this link.

  73. Chlorine and other water impurities can have a negative effect on the person’s health. It can cause dry skin, dandruff, and even allergies. The solution to this problem is getting a shower head water filter. The built-in filters will protect your health and provide fresher, cleaner and healthier water.

    There are different options available that will suit different preferences. I have Culligan shower filter . I’ve had this for over a year now. We do not have soft water, and I recommend this if you have the same problem. I replace the filter every 6 month. I can tell a big difference with my hair (color) and skin. Highly recommend it!I got great reviews about it from http://www.finestshower.com/best-shower-filter-reviews-guide/ . It was very informational and was helpful for my decision.

  74. Hard water (water hardness) using chemical methods to measure the amount of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate present in water samples, plus the two ingredients together have a total hardness is measured in mg / l or ppm, however, to determine How the degree is called hard water. Water Quality Association USA WQA standard provisions as follows: hard water (water hardness) from synthetic calcium and magnesium older. Soft water (soft water) equal to or less than 180 ppm total of calcium and magnesium. Common methods and most effective applications in the processing of bottled water is used softener exchange resins (cation exchange Softening) and regenerated with common salt.

  75. Great tips. I think using the argan oil to moisturize your hair right after you get out the shower is the best tip of them all.

  76. I have tried so many different so-called “chelating or clarifying shampoos but to no avail. My hair was so limp and sticky. I finally found the miracle cure, and it was totally by accident. What finally worked for me was head n shoulders. After the very first time using it my hair was back to its soft and shiny self that I hadn’t seen in over a year! I was scared to then wash it again for the fear that it was a fluke and my hair would start to get disgusting again. Well it’s been 2 weeks now and my hair is still so soft and shiny. So for anyone else out there that has tried all the brands marketed for hard water with no luck, give head n shoulders a try. It’s pretty cheap so worth a try.

  77. A research paper is cited that proved hard water had no effect on the tensile strength of hair. But this research does not take into account the interaction of the hard water with the hair follicles. Anecdotal articles mention that minerals from hard water may ‘block’ the follicles of the hair. Not sure how that causes hair loss but would love to hear more research in this direction

  78. For those plagued by itchy scalps: I had such a problem with that that I probably gouged my scalp by scratching it so hard. It was an awful problem for a long time. Then seemingly from nowhere (It was God, of course.) I got the idea of putting regular apple cider vinegar directly on my scalp: the itching stopped. It was wonderful! It comes back a bit in spots so I just apply a little ACV from the bottle with an open tip that now lives in my bathroom and the itching ceases.

  79. Chlorine and other water pollutants may have a bad effect on the humans health. It can trigger dry skin, dandruff, and even allergies. The answer to this problem can be finding a shower head drinking water filter. The built-in filtration systems will protect your overall health and provide fresher, cleanser and healthier water.

    Generally there are different options obtainable which will suit different tastes. I use Culligan shower filtration. I’ve had this pertaining to over 12 months today. We do not have got soft water, and I actually recommend this if you have the same issue. I replace the filtration every 6 month. We can tell a huge big difference with my hair (color) and skin. Suggest that! I got great reviews about it from http://topshowerhead.net . It was very informational and was helpful for my decision.

  80. Great tips, I especially like the apple cider vinegar rinse. I didn’t know vinegar had the ability to add more bounce and shine to hair. Thanks

  81. boiling the water isn’t going to help the hardness. in fact, it might condense the minerals, making it worse. i can’t stand stupid. seriously. learn some science kiddies.

  82. PLEEEEEEEEASE STOP THE FALSE INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A shower FILTER can in NO WAY soften water!! Softening water involves removing hard water minerals which is IMPOSSIBLE for a ‘filter’ to do! See for yourself…you a hard water test kit on the water from a shower head filter. Guess what? You can now see that you’ve been conned by all of the companies who sell shower filters and CLAIM that they soften water. THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAYS TO GET SOFT WATER IN YOUR SHOWER is by either installing a whole house softener unit or by attaching the “ShowerStick” shower water softener made by WaterSticks. It softens water through “ion exchange” as a whole house unit does. https://www.watersticks.com

  83. Hi everyone!

    I have designed a completely natural, apple-based product to leave hair strong, soft and shiny. Having moved to London three years ago, the effect that London water had on my hair was almost immediate: suddenly, I noticed it being a little greasier, duller and heavier. For months, I spent money on niche products – only to find out that the solution was back home in Ireland!

    My dad being an apple farmer, I have grown up around apples and his talk of their cleansing properties. As many of my Irish friends in London began to complain about the water here, I decided to go back to my roots.

    At the moment, I am keen to let people know about my product and gain people’s views on it so please get in touch if you are interested. http://www.londonhaircleanse.com

  84. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!

    Does this really work and wouldn’t make your hair smell a bit!? A water filter can reduce hard water massively and is a really great investment for a very long term solution.

  85. Thank you for this post! I’ve just transferred from the Philippines to Phoenix and the first thing I’ve noticed is the water. Didn’t realize there such a thing as hard water! I’ve been looking for ways to remedy this but is there a better solution than just a shampoo for your hair? All our dishes and the laundry are affected as well.

  86. Crazy as it sounds a friend of mine told me that whilst taking a shower play some smooth jazz and this helps smooth out the hair as hair can hear the music and it relaxes , also marshmallows massaged into scalp gets rid of hard water !

  87. Awesome stuff. It was a complete joy to read the article. Great job! keep up the good work.
    Btw if you were to suggest any particular showerhead. Which would it be?

  88. Thanks for the article is very meaningful. However I think the best way is to use the shower filter for your shower head. It can remove the metal substances in water, chlorine … help protect your skin and hair.

  89. Great stuff! I prefer to use a whole house water filtration system to make sure the water coming out of my shower doesn’t have any chlorine in the water. Imagine what that does to your hair!

  90. Hey Brigette,
    Shower head filters are awesome, but another great way is to install a whole house filter system so you have soft and clean water everywhere in your home.
    Best regards

  91. I live in FL and have no problems with the water and my hair. Once a week with a clarifying shampoo seems to do the trick with any buildup from styling products. I do have hair that tends to be on the dry side with all the sun exposure here. I had lived in Western NY 2 years ago before moving here and always thought the water up there was really hard compared to here….interesting!

  92. Thanks for the informative article. I think the best way is to use the shower filter for your shower head. It can remove the metal substances in water, chlorine … help protect your skin and hair.

  93. Great comments, and all of it is too true. I have lived with a hardwater well for 20 years and never had a problem until I replaced my water softener. Now I have a problem, my water is turning my hair orangey-pink! I have med. blond highlights on dark blond hair and all of it seems to go orange within 10 days of coloring.

    I have created my own mask/shampoo that I put on my hair dry once a week and let it sit for 2-8 minutes depending on how badly it’s discolored, then wet it, and shampoo it out, and finally condition like I normally do. Nothing else has worked for me. Everyones’ water and hair color combo is different and it took me 3 years (and a lot ideas that lead nowhere) to find my answer.

  94. P.S. Try boiling hot vinegar to clean mineral buildup from metal faucet and drains. Just soak a rag in the hot vinegar and let it sit on your metal faucet. Also, I let the hot vinegar sit in the sinks and tubs to get the orange out. Repeat weekly until like new! This method has gotten out hard water buildup and stains that were here when we moved in! It’s an amazingly powerful and simple weapon against hard water that I learned from a welder, LOL. Best of luck to everyone out there living with hard water.

  95. Super great information , couple of things. buy a new shower head ,and invest in shower filter. there are are nautural ones on the market , also makes you shower more healthy. great Article following for more check out my review on shower filters!

  96. Our skin and hair both are react within the weather we survive. It is very important to take seasonal therapy for keeping fit our skin and hair. Thank you Brigette for your exclusive 4 tips to beat hard water hair. Keep it up.

  97. Thanks for the great information! A shower head water filter is absolutely critical if you don’t want a bad hair day. I know it is for me! Thanks Brigette for sharing!

  98. Thank you for such an awesome article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using manuka honey & mafura oil for my hair Because this sulfate-free shampoo cleanses while infusing hair with intense moisture and shine-enhancing nutrients. Certified Organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura and Baobab are blended into a rich formulation of restorative oils to soften and revitalize hair.

  99. Naturally curly with platinum blonde locks … w/30 years of self-inflicted chemical hair torture should’ve rendered me bald by now … These days we’re homesteading our Dreamlife … out on a real farm (Picture “Green Acres”) … Aside from hard water, country living is BLISS … Thank the LORD I began “No-Pooing” years ago … Shampoo w/baking soda & water, rinse w/Bragg’s acv/water/essential oil, leave-in pure coconut oil (I have dry hair) … Never buy product … as a Certified Herbalist, I say do it yourself ☮

  100. Boiling the water isn’t going to help the hardness. in fact, it might condense the minerals, making it worse.This is what I already has tested.

  101. Great information and tips here for beat hard water. Living where i do we have a lot of problems with hard water and these tips are going to be tried out and see how they work!

  102. The simplest and at the same time an effective remedy against the stiffness of hair – mask from burdock or olive oil. To treat hair, you can also use almond oil or jojoba oil.

  103. Showering with hard water leaves your skin and hair feeling dry. Using water that has reduced chlorine as well as other water pollutants will make your skin and hair healthier. ShowerFeed provides the best models with the shower head. These are the top rated shower head and the top sellers in 2016. To prevent the effects of hard water on your skin as well as on house appliances, it’s also useful to have a water softener that will provide softened water for the whole house water supply.

  104. You can also try this shower filter.
    I love berkey shower filter because it significantly reduces damage to my hair and skin by removing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and other pollutants. I can totally see the difference right away.

    Just my 2 cents.

  105. Solution: I struggled for many years with oily, greasy patches in my hair. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I tried only washing with filtered water, used clarifying shampoos, and baking soda. Some of these things helped a bit but the solution for me was unbelievably simple! A hair stylist suggested that I separate my hair into two sections to wash, a top and bottom section. Before massaging the shampoo in, she recommended that I place shampoo at the section line, especially at the crown where this problem was common for me. After placing shampoo there and letting it sit for 30 seconds, I then wash my whole hair like normal, massaging and everything. I still occasionally use bumble and bumble clarifying but my hair is 100% better! Turns out due to my thick hair I just wasn’t getting shampoo fully into all the right places. This solution will not work for everyone, especially if you have a medical condition but it’s worth trying before spending a ton of money/energy elsewhere! (where to part image: http://ow.ly/YVi230ghPGJ)

  106. Some of these posts are hilarious. I’ve lived in Florida and the midwest. Both hard water. I now live in a state with extremely hard water. You can test the water with a PH strip and find out exactly what you are dealing with. I hate water softening systems b/c then you got another problem with flat hair especially if it’s fine. I know b/c I have fine hair and I tried a water softening system. I’d rather deal with hard water. I find the vinegar rinse to work the best. You rinse it out folks. There is no smell. I’ve been doing this for years. I seriously doubt listening to jazz will straighten the hair and marshmellows will be a huge mess. Thanks for the laugh.

  107. A good way is to use a water filter to purify our water. And this can have many options. You can install a whole house water filter or a water softener. And the simplest way is to have a shower filter. I just have one and it works great.

  108. I have recently visited Berlin, Germany for six days. The water is VERY hard there, and I couldn’t believe the change in my hair: it felt/looked like straw and was totally unmanageable. After two days I started leaving my conditioner in for 30-45 minutes after washing my hair but even this didn’t help much. I live in London, UK and use henna but have had no problem with my hair there – I just always use a good conditioner. As soon as I returned to London two days ago my hair started to look much better. Will still try apple cider vinegar, though. Travellers to Berlin be warned: take baking soda and argan oil with you!

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