60-Second Stylist: Learn “The Messy Tuck”

Today, we’re introducing you to 60-Second Stylist, a new video series that we will be running on our blog. Our stylist Mandi will show you quick styling tips in 60 seconds. These are styling techniques we use all the time in our studio, and now you’ll be able to try them at home! Our first video teaches you “The Messy Tuck”, a great way to update your jeans-and-t-shirt outfits. Enjoy, and look for another video next week!

Product in the Video: Funky Free Patched Skinny, Keep Me Tee, Similar Belt here, Teepee Cuff, Eden Cuff, Twig Bracelet

Music in video: A new take on the Robert Frost poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by The Omaha Folk .

If you’re a musician and have fun, upbeat, indie jams of your own that you’d like us to feature in one of our videos, send ’em on over to blog@freepeople.com, subject: Harmony. We love promoting new artists! :)

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10 years ago

Mandi is so cute! Love this addition to the blog! Keep up the amazing work bldg 25!!!

10 years ago

girls in my middle school used to always tuck their overlarge t-shirts into the front of their jeans… it looked so stupid and “thug” back then but this look is totally cute! definitely will have to try with some of my boyfriend shirts. thanks free peeps!

10 years ago

I always do the messy tuck…love your oversized tee and I am fainting over your jeans..are they Free People? Or DIY?

10 years ago

Please tell us what she is wearing, with links if possible. Love her outfit. She’s cute.

10 years ago

I wear my shirts like this too! LOVE those jeans!!

10 years ago

who is this girl?she is perfect!

10 years ago

Love this outfit and the messy tuck. Where are her boots from? So cute

10 years ago

Love the style! What a beautiful girl!

10 years ago

Love it. And the music is SO cute! I saw The Omaha Folk play in Boston- they’re awesome- totally check them out!

9 years ago

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9 years ago

All of this website is great. My family and I including the product.