60-Second Stylist: 3 Ways To Wear An Infinity Scarf

This week’s 60-Second Stylist is perfect for fall.  As we start to snuggle up due to the cold weather, scarves become a necessity for everyday outfits. The more options you get with one scarf the better, that’s why we love the infinity scarf. Infinity? Yes, infinity. It’s a scarf that’s one continuous loop. Here our stylist shows you Free People’s tricks and three ways to wear this never-ending scarf.

Product: Raggy Fringe Scarf, 5 Pocket Velvet Skinny , Velvet Chambray Buttondown, Season Of The Witch Dress

Music in video: A new take on the Robert Frost poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by The Omaha Folk .

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  1. I specifically went out this weekend to find the perfect long infinity scarf with fringe and a nice
    wide belt. I LOVE this look!!! What is funny is that an employee came up to me at the store and
    Said “Nice vest” Ha! I had to explain it was not one of their vests. She thought it was such a
    cute idea too :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mandi. I like the way how you wear the scarf, especially when you put the belt. Another way of wearing the infinity scarf within 60 seconds is the best. Truly, through infinity scarf, we can wear what way we want.

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