Album We Love: Lou Doillon “Places”

Lou Doillon is one of those women with seemingly endless talent… in addition to modeling, her career has also included acting and singing, and she released her first album this past August, titled Places. She has a captivating voice, one that brings to mind iconic singers such as Patti Smith in its strength and passion, and Joni Mitchell in its soft, sweet moments. It’s unique and interesting, and it makes you want to listen more, and listen carefully so as not to miss any of the lyrics.  The first single, “I.C.U.” tells the story of falling in love with someone and never seeing them again; wandering the streets and thinking you see them, always keeping them in the back of your mind in case they appear again. Watch the beautiful video below, and listen to more of Places on the website.

lou doillon places

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Great music! Thanks for the discovery!


where can i buy her cd!? its not on itunes :(

She is possibly one of the coolest women on the planet. I love her style and her music.

Album where all musical or lyrical ideas contribute to a single overall theme or unified story. Absolutely amazing, we can not be more thankful for all the albums we have played for and all the people we have met throughout our whole journey of playing.
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