Happy Birthday BLDG 25 Blog!

Guess what? Today is our blog’s 6th birthday! We’re so proud of how much it’s grown. :) THANK YOU to all of you who visit and comment and share in our day to day lives at Free People, we wouldn’t be here without you!



  1. Happy Birthday /Feliz Cumpleanos Bldg 25…ooh you are a “SCORPIO just like me!!!
    I love this blog, I ready it daily…cannot get enough of it!
    You ladies do a GREAT job! Thank you :D

  2. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, SRETAN RODENDAN and many many great years dearest blog ever, love from Zagreb, Croatia!!! <3<3<3

  3. Happy birthday Bldg 25 Blog! Love you lots! Thank for the beauty & inspiration each day. you make my office job much better. :)
    peace, love & birthday smiles

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