How To Bring Holistic Beauty Into Your Life

I’ve always been intrigued by the holistic way of living and I try and practice it as much as I can. I always get tied up with the thoughts of “are my work outs enough,” “Do I need to run more,” “do I need to be working out every day in order to be healthy,” then I came across the holistic approach. You are what you eat, what you think and what you do.  Do exercises that make you happy and that your body can handle. Choose things that work for you and make you feel good, don’t try, just do – once you think about trying, it has a negative effect. What happens to your body happens in your mind first. Have healthy thoughts, believe your body is beautiful and you’re beautiful. Eat a lot of greens and food from the ground – clean and lean is the best approach. I’ve learned to sprinkle cinnamon in my coffee in the mornings, it’s a great fat burner and it help regulate your blood sugar levels and starts my day off well.

Being healthy comes from the mind first, believe the thoughts; you are what you eat, what you think and what you do and believe me it will feel great.

Here are a couple of things you should try:

  1. Unwind – Take time to unwind each week, do something calming even if it’s just as simple as lying down and starring at the ceiling.
  2. Read Your Body – eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired.
  3. Create a better mind body relationship – mix high intensity works out with mind exercises like yoga or meditation.
  4. Think about your health – keep in touch with your emotions and spirit.
  5. Get plenty of sleep – Try and sleep eight hours per night, your day that follows will be a lot easier.


There you have it, 5 tips on bringing holistic practices into your lifestyle.


  1. I love to use natural oils in replacement for creams. I use coconut oil as a daily cream on my legs, arms, feet etc. On my face, i use delicate oils like Buckseed oil or Goji berry oil. It is completely natural, chemical free and from the earth. The oils have a plethora of health benefits including anti- aging and natural sun protection. I especially like using the Buckseed oil under and around my eyes. You only need a few drops and can find them in any health food store.
    :) <3

  2. I love the idea of bringing simplicity to your life and listening to your body’s needs. Self care is key!!
    Inspiring post!

  3. I love this post! I am interested in learning more about the holistic way of living. Anyone have recommendations of good books/blogs?

    Thanks :)

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