Would You Buy A Cardboard Bicycle?

We know it sounds crazy, but a cardboard bicycle apparently exists. In the video below, watch creator Izhar Gafni describe his creation, and how it all came to be. The result is a light, durable, affordable bicycle that’s got us wondering what else could be made out of found or recycled materials. The best part? This bike is estimated to cost a mere $20! Even with this low price tag, we’re wondering, would you buy a cardboard bike?  (engaget)

Video: Via engaget


  1. I like the idea, because it has a low impact on the environment and it uses recycled product.
    I think for it to be fully operational has an alternative to mass production, it would be with a system that you can exchange the cardboard bike for a new one once yours deteriorates, (since I’m not sure it is a “longlife” product) and give the old bike a new life to produce either another bike or something else (like shreds for house isolation)

    What I also like about it is that it allows easy customisation, like drawing on it, painting embellishing with a bit of DIY.

    Really nice idea!

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