Crystals & Their Meanings – Inspired By Our New Soaps!

I can’t get enough of these new crystal soaps we are carrying! The Low Raw Crystal Soaps (pictured above) are made by Bonnie Bartley, who achieves these crystal formations by casting the soap in molds made from natural geodes and hand carved gemstone replicas. Not only do they look beautiful but they also smell amazing!

crystal soaps

crystal soaps

The Crystal Soaps are made by SoapRocks, and are each made to represent a different type of crystal or stone.  The soaps are biodegradable and made from a unique blend of organic herbal extracts, nourishing vegetable oils, vitamins, and minerals; all from aquatic, botanical, and terrestrial sources. They can even be used as a makeup remover or shaving cream! Because they preserve your skin’s natural precious oils, there is often no need for additional moisturizers, making your skin care routine shorter and more convenient. I love their gem-like appearance, which I think may have something to do with the fact that I’ve recently become really interested in crystals and their meanings. I was inspired to find out more about each of the crystals we’re carrying in soap form!

opal soap

The opal is a stone classified under the storm element, full of magic and mystery, and one of the most powerful stones there is.  It can amplify the intensity of one’s emotions and is a good aid for anyone doing deep inner work.  It can help you to access the subconscious and unconscious for healing purposes, and can be very useful in psychotherapy.  The opal helps those who use it to face their darkest fears, and overcome phobias and anxiety.

fire opal soap

This form of opal falls under the fire element, and is known for being an awakener of passion. Fire opal stimulates creativity and the expression of emotion through art, and spiritually it can enhance the pursuit of enlightenment. The presence of fire opal brings an energy of playfulness and curiosity into the life and home.

gold quartz soap

Also under the storm element, gold quartz is produced when clear quartz points goes through a special treatment process in which its surfaces are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered iron, titanium, and other trace metals. The resulting crystals exhibit golden orange surfaces with flashes of brilliant iridescent color. The combined energies of these elements creates a unique spectrum of energy.  Gold quartz provides a link between the solar plexus and heart chakras – the energy portal through which one expresses love – supporting the unity of love and will. It stimulates the intellect and improves overall focus and mental clarity, allowing you to see the bigger picture – and it can even benefit the body, lending energy to the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

jade soap

Jade lives under the earth element, a powerful stone with a healing heart. Its color fosters the steady growth of one’s chi, or life-force energies, and it is recommended to wear or carry it when hiking or spending time outdoors because it draws on the life force of the earth and pulls that energy inwards to you. Having jade indoors can also help carry the energy of nature in artificial environments. Jade stimulates the flow of energy through the body and thus is an excellent stone to use for the healing of energy fields.

red garnet soap

Red Garnet is another earth element stone, and it combines the energies of the base, heart, and crown chakra to offer physical, emotional and spiritual support. It can activate the connection with your inner guide and help you to hear the deeper yearnings of your heart. Red garnet can also help heal emotionally, particularly with feelings like guilt, and it encourages self-respect and self-love.

turquoise soap

Turquoise falls under the storm element, and is possibly the longest-used of all gemstones. Turquoise is a stone of strong spiritual attunement and can be very effective in aiding communication – it is also said to help people access knowledge from past lives. The stone’s presence brings about clarity and has a very soothing energy reminiscent of the sea and sky.

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All information is from the Book of Stones – it’s an amazing resource if you’re interested in learning more about crystals and stones!


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9 years ago

These crystal are looking so fantastic. Good post b y you. Each stone represent some positive meaning. I also believe in astronomy and stones. Thanks for sharing.

9 years ago

Love these and how organic they are. I will be buying some of these!

9 years ago

These would make great gifts! Are they vegan?

Vanessa Valente
9 years ago

Hello, Long time reader here! Please incorporate healing hand selected crystals into your daily life. I tour the country with music festivals from Wanderlust to Life Is Good- check out specimens & crystal jewelry and get back into balance and the feeling of well being. Cheers, TGIF, Have a great day!

8 years ago

As a geologist, I have a huge problem with this article. Bleh.. Fake science. As.. a soap lover, though…

7 years ago

Just amazing images – love how you have built a story around each stone and included the elements.