10 Electricity-Free Activities For Hurricane Sandy

Here in Philadelphia, Hurricane Sandy is making her presence known. With unsafe conditions outside, we’re all finding ways to pass the time safely indoors. These days, most of that time is spent using an electronic device, which is literally what I’m doing as I type this. But it has me thinking, what will I do to occupy my time if the power goes out? I’m safe indoors (with my cat of course), but I started making a list of ways I can occupy my time without using electricity. This is a good list to have (and add to) any time, not just in a hurricane, to use any time you feel the need to unplug. What would you add to this list?


1. Knit (one of my favorite ways to relax)

2. Re-read a favorite book

3. Play cards with a friend or loved one

4. Write letters to friends and family you haven’t chatted with in awhile

5. Look through old scrapbooks, and organize papers and photos that have been lying around into new ones

6. Meditate

7. Clean your space (I know this might not sound like fun to everyone, but for some reason it appeals to me)

8. Play with your pet (they’ll mind the down time much less if it means they get to spend it playing with you!)

9. Living room yoga

10. DIYs. Jemma’s post today on smocking a T-shirt is a great place to start!


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Brainstorm for writing your own book… NaNoWriMo is just a couple days away! :)


When is the nov catalog gonna be out?

great ideas! some indoor exercise would help pass the time too :)


I love cleaning and tidying up my space too!! Doesnt appeal to a lot of my friends but I’m with you on this one! :)

darrell martin

Haha! My first thought when I saw this picture was– “Oh, she’s doing a K1P1 stitch.” I love knitting. And it’s considered surprisingly chic at my college campus. Score!!


Make macramé friendship bracelets to post to friends or family you haven’t seen in a while, or maybe who are dealing with living in the places hurricane sandy has affected more, passes time for you, and will mean a lot to those who receive them

What knitting stitch is that? It’s beautiful!


I love this! Dancing is also always a good idea.