Fall Arm Festival: Tips For Layering Bracelets

When I think of layered bracelets, I typically imagine them being a very summery thing – I picture lots of friendship bracelets and neon. We have some really cool new bracelets though, and I was inspired to mix and match to create an arm festival with a more autumnal color palette. Here are three different color palettes and bracelet combinations that we love for fall!

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arm festival

Create a neutral color palette for your arm festival with shades like gray-blue, rust, copper, and ivory. Mix textures like metal, beaded wrap bracelets, and feathers for a natural, rustic feel.

arm festival

Bracelets pictured: Chain Braided Feather Bracelet, Mixed Bead Wrap, Mixed Media Sparkle Bracelet, Delicate Chain Handpiece, Thin Chain ID Bracelet.

arm festival

Mix rich colors and embellished friendship bracelets for an eye-catching combination that screams fall! Add in some hints of metal to give it more of an edge for this time of year.

arm festival

Bracelets pictured: Embellished Friendship Bracelet, Studded Friendship Bracelet, Triangle Bead Bracelet Set, Eden Cuff, Timbuktu Studded BangleChain Threaded Bead Bracelet.

arm festival

For a more refined arm festival, mix metal bangles with wrap bracelets in shades of silver, blue, and black. Add a delicate handpiece and silver rings for finishing touches.

arm festival

Bracelets and rings pictured: Timbuktu Studded Bangle, Cobra Bangle, Mixed Bead Wrap, Durban Rope Bracelet, Delicate Chain Handpiece, Interlock Midi Ring, Sterling Silver Midi Rings.

arm festival

Photos by Julia.

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  3. I love your tip about creating a neutral color palette with shades of gray-blue, rust, copper, and ivory. My sister’s birthday is coming up in a few months. I know she loves to wear all different types of bracelets. I really love the picture of that beaded bracelet that includes the black and white feather. I’d love to find something like this to get her.

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