Jemma’s Favorite Fall Outfit

I always love when Fall comes, I like the change of seasons. Transitioning from summer to winter always makes dressing up fun and refreshes your silhouette. Layering is important when it gets chilly and especially if you’re on and off transport, in and out of places that have heating and working in an office that can get pretty warm. I love layering and always find different textures and patterns that work well together. I went up in our studio and pulled together a look I would love to wear this fall and here it is – a simple layered look.

I teamed a romantic maxi dress with a leather jacket but underneath. I choose a patterned knitted cardigan for extra warmth and to break up the black tone a little, then some boots. It’s lightly layered and cozy just the way I like it.

Product: Romance Embroidered Dress (black available soon), Animal Cardigan, Distressed Bomber Jacket, Zippper Ankle Boot, Acid Wash Embroidered Scarf


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