Free People Horoscopes, October 1-7

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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of October 1-7.

libra star sign illustration


September 23–October 22

Saturn’s finally in your rearview mirror this week after his nearly three-year stay in Libra. Breathe a sigh of relief, then take some time to reflect on your most significant experiences during this period and what you gleaned from them. It may have felt like Saturn was putting you through hell, but that wasn’t his ultimate intent. He’s exhausted you— and I won’t bother trying to tell you precisely how he’s done that, because each of you knows what you’ve gone through. In doing so, he’s shown you what you’re made of. You’ve persevered, and even though it may not feel like it yet, you’re stronger. Saturn compels us to get our lives in order, and his methods are often harsh. He holds us accountable, and when he’s in your sign, you learn to be accountable to yourself. Saturn grows you up. Wherever he appears in your chart, he’s saying, “It’s time.” Libra is a social sign, so his isolating effect may have been especially difficult for you. As you regain your energy and reach out to others, consider showing the Scorpios in your life some love…they’re getting Saturn next!


scorpio star sign illustration


October 23–November 21

As Margo Channing—played by Bette Davis—declared in All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” I say this knowing that Scorpios are no strangers to bumpy nights and you don’t scare easily. Perhaps I don’t even need to give you a heads-up, since you’re masters of the undercurrent. No one can read between the lines as well as you can. With Saturn in your unconscious sector for almost three years, you’ve sensed something coming. Saturn links with clever Mercury just before they both enter your sign this week, helping you to put the pieces of the puzzle together. You know in your bones that a particular chapter in your life is ending. Don’t consider it a failure and don’t feel guilty. You’re shedding old skin, a painful process. Wrap things up with as much integrity as you can, because when Saturn enters your sign this week, you begin a new cycle of growth. Life-changing decisions will need to be made, requiring your focus and your strength, and you can’t be carrying dead weight around. I’m not advising you to abruptly bring an end to something. But do let go of what’s already ending.


sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

Mars enters Sagittarius this week, so you should start feeling more effective on your own and possibly start withdrawing your energy from a collaboration. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde in your partnership angle, a development that will direct your faith inward and build your belief in yourself back up. You’ve had to lean on others recently, something an autonomous Sag doesn’t do too readily. It should feel good to rely on yourself again, and as Venus moves into your ambition house, your solo efforts could become more visible. The rewards you envision may still be out of reach, but if you’ve learned anything about teamwork lately, implement it as you continue to strive towards your goals.



capricorn star sign illustration


December 22–January 19

As your ruler, Saturn, leaves your ambition angle this week, take inventory of your accomplishments since he showed up there in late 2009. Make an honest assessment of everything you’ve achieved, and with verbal Mercury conjoining Saturn, a conversation may help you gain clarity. Recognize that you’ve reached a turning point, and whatever your feelings are about meeting your goals, know that this particular part of your life is done. Take a good look around you, and you’ll see the new reality that’s already starting to take shape. The best thing you can do now is to keep it moving. Admit to yourself that you can imagine what’s next, and don’t do anything to undermine your forward progress. Unconscious actions based in fear will only keep you stuck in a place that’s closing up shop.



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20–February 18

As Saturn departs your abstract-thinking zone this week after almost three years there, ask yourself what principles you’ve adopted during that time. Do you have a new philosophy of life? What have you come to believe in the last few years? Do you understand some things better now than you ever did before? Do you have a different take on religion? Have you learned a great deal about the world by traveling or by going to school? Have your cultural views shifted? What knowledge have you gained that will help you achieve what you want to in your career? You’ll find it easier to conceptualize how you can reach your goals if you loosen your grip on what you thought you had going for you before this major learning period began. It’s what you know now that will get you where you want to go. Not that you should ever stop learning! But look back over the last few years to see how much wiser you are today. Some of that wisdom may have been hard earned, and you’re a better person for it.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19–March 20

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” ~Oscar Wilde

You’ve endured some dark nights of the soul in the last few years, while lonely Saturn has been transiting your psychology zone. That part of your chart is also associated with death and transformation, so you may have felt rather mortal and gloomy at times while you underwent a necessary death-and-rebirth process. You should start to see a light at the end of the tunnel as Saturn moves on to your future sector, where he’ll teach you to work with discipline towards your dreams. You’re striving for greatness, but feeling iffy on the results. And although Mars’ entry into your career angle will get you fired up to make some progress, it pains you sometimes how clearly you can imagine the things that have thus far failed to materialize. Your faith will continue to be tested by Saturn, but that’s also how it will grow stronger.


aries star sign illustration



March 21–April 19

For the last few years, Saturn has been pushing you to learn what it takes to make relationships work. Whether you’ve been dealing with a business partner, a close friend or a significant other, Saturn has forced you to face the reality of another person. But since this serious planet was in the weighing-options sign of Libra, the decision of whether to put in the work wasn’t an easy one. Independent Aries don’t take commitment lightly, and if your ties to other people felt binding at times, you probably considered parting ways. Just before Saturn leaves your partnership house this week, he meets up with mental Mercury, giving you a chance to think about—and maybe talk about—where your relationships stand. Both planets are moving into your desire sector right after their tête-à-tête, so the time to sort out what you want is upon you. You’re close to figuring out the what, but might still be unsure about the how. Cross that bridge when you come to it.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, glides into your self-actualization zone this week, making October a month for doing you. It’s not readily apparent right now what the future holds, and you’ve been working and worrying overtime to gain a sense of control. Try taking life a little less seriously and taking yourself a little more seriously. Identify the qualities and talents within you that would be of great value to others if you were to share them generously. You need to value your own unique gifts before you can offer them freely to the world. Timekeeper Saturn is entering your partnership angle now, the part of the hero’s journey where (s)he returns with the treasure that (s)he fought so hard to gain. You’re crossing a threshold in your life where you’ll be learning more about the nature of relationship. In anticipation, solidify your relationship with yourself by getting clear on what your treasure is.


gemini star sign illustration


May 21–June 20

Okay, so you’ve taken on a wee bit too much since eager Jupiter’s been in your sign, and it’s gotten the best of you. When Jupiter turns retrograde this week and Venus makes her way into your foundation sector, slow down, catch your breath and get back to basics. You got caught up in a frantic pace for a while, making it nearly impossible to focus. Now you’re entering a phase where you’ll need to refine your plans, revise your vision, problem solve and come up with innovative solutions that will help you to juggle more than two things at once. Other planetary occurrences have tried to point you in this direction lately, but after taskmaster Saturn takes up residence in your competence zone, he’s not going to give you much choice. Get to work!



cancer star sign illustration


June 21–July 22

Saturn has been in your home-and-family sector since late 2009, giving rise to a situation in this area of life that’s so intrinsic to your sign. Even if you’re not especially close to your parents, your sign is very much about your roots. Your ancestral heritage, your childhood memories, your primal feelings, your private hearth, your emotional security—all of these are at the heart of Cancer. And whatever you’ve experienced in the last few years around these issues, it’s redefined you on a personal level, though it may not be obvious to others, and perhaps not even to you. As Saturn moves on, it’s time that you do, too. Symbolically, he’s leaving the part of your chart associated with childhood and entering the part connected with adolescence. Teenagers begin to free themselves from their family of origin by experimenting with their identity. Your recent experiences have taught you more about who you are inside. Take it and run with it. Adopt an adolescent attitude—expressing, exploring, trying things on for size, recreating yourself.


leo star sign illustration



July 23–August 22

We all have a default way of thinking stemming from our early years, and it’s very difficult to shake, mostly because we don’t try. The reason we don’t try is that we’re not aware of the extent to which our mindset is colored by childhood. We learn how to think, though. We don’t just simply think—purely and for ourselves. Our thought patterns are not independent of the social and emotional context that we grew up in. While restrictive Saturn has been in your cognitive sector for most of the last three years, you’ve picked up on the limitations of that automatic thinking. Hopefully you’ve learned to distinguish your inner truths from your childhood mindset, and in turn learned how to think more realistically. You’ll never be 100% objective. None of us are. But something that you’ve gone through has shown you what your bias was. It’s taught you about yourself and made your lens that much clearer. Saturn’s moving into your roots angle this week, which may entail facing family memories in the next few years. A clear lens will help.


virgo star sign illustration


August 23–September 22

Valuable Venus sashays into your sign this week, while Saturn leaves your values zone. So take a look back at what you’ve learned in the last few years about self-worth. Saturn often teaches us by making things hard. We often don’t think too much about things or change them when they’re easy. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But broke is exactly what Saturn in your values zone may have made you! Some form of hardship forced you to decide what you value, what you’re worth and what your resources are. You had to work for every penny or work to build up your self-esteem—maybe both. While Venus is in Virgo, you may be inclined to express warmth and affection in a Virgo way, with labors of love. Venus in Virgo bonds by helping and doing for others. But if you find that you’re drawing people into your life who drain you, remember your lessons in self-worth. Don’t settle for less than the healthy, balanced, reciprocal relationships you’ve learned you deserve.



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