Free People Horoscopes, October 29 – November 4

Photo by Lissy Elle Laricchia.

Horscopes by Tracy Allen.

scorpio star sign illustration


October 23–November 21

The full moon fills your relationship sector with the reflected light of the sun in your sign this week, pulling you to honor the needs of others. At the same time, you’re already feeling the glare of the sun’s spotlight on you, and you’re privately craving a moment of peace. You probably won’t get it right now, because too many people stand to benefit from you participating fully in life. The opposition of the sun and moon shows how fulfilling your potential and fulfilling other people’s needs can be one and the same. It should become more and more evident to you how shining your light is something you need to do both for yourself and for those around you.



sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

Mercury enters your sign this week, filling your head with thoughts and opinions that you’re naturally inclined to verbalize. But the messenger planet is out of step with the sun, the moon, Saturn and Neptune now—plus it’s slowing down in anticipation of its retrograde period that begins on November 6. So unfortunately, it’s going to be a while before you can make yourself fully understood! While you’re waiting, the full moon draws your attention to a few opposing themes that can help round out your thinking and temper your opinions. Work on balancing the following things: the big picture and the details; letting things slide and having them just so; your work ethic and your escapist tendencies.



capricorn star sign illustration


December 22–January 19

The full moon’s opposition to the sun and your ruler, Saturn, illustrates the stark contrast between your need to express yourself and your current agenda of working well with others. The challenge is to stand out from the crowd and do your thing while also blending in with a team. Figuring out what your allies expect from you and still fulfilling your personal need to succeed on your own isn’t easy. It will help if you can see how your desire to make your mark may be driving a me-against-the-world mentality that’s tough to shake. This week’s “There’s no ‘I in team” theme represents the polar opposite of that mentality. You’ll be at your strongest if you strive for a happy medium between the two extremes.



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20–February 18

Saturn in your goals angle has turned up the professional pressure, and you’re feeling the heat from an authority figure. Part of you wants to release your pent-up nervous energy from work by socializing or traveling, but home is your happy place this week. That’s because a full moon in grounded Taurus casts its glow over your domestic zone, calling for some downtime. Travel and communication are difficult now anyway, since Mercury, the ruler of both, is slowing to a halt. Psychological Pluto in your seclusion sector underscores the need for you to tend to psyche and soul by retreating to a peaceful environment and re-centering yourself.



pisces star sign illustration



February 19–March 20

Mercury in your ambition angle butts heads with Neptune in your sign this week, causing you to ponder your career direction. Meanwhile, the sensitive full moon in your mentality house wants you recognize your emotional need to think differently. The way you think is affecting your feelings about yourself and your career. Do you have traces of the martyr/victim mindset that Pisces are susceptible to? If so, how might that be influencing your ability to achieve your goals? The sun and Saturn—opposing the full moon—are pulling you away from an old way of thinking, telling you to work on adopting a more optimistic, empowered philosophy. You’ll feel more in the flow of life and in sync with other people now if you try to strengthen your belief in yourself.


aries star sign illustration


March 21–April 19

This week’s full moon in your resources house opposes the sun and Saturn in your merging zone, bringing up issues around sharing and independence. As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re prone to flying solo. But you spent the last few years being schooled in Relationships 101, and now you find yourself in the intermediate-to-advanced class, whether you signed up for it or not. It’s a required life course, so you’re better off doing the work than trying to transfer out! The current lesson has to do with your space/stuff/finances versus that of others. And if your issue is about money, it could be a question of needing to earn your way, as opposed to expecting an outside source of funding. The moon’s conflict with several other planets demands that you use your powers of perception and admit to yourself that it’s not just about you now. You’ve got to weigh other people’s desires against your own autonomy and ambition.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20–May 20

When the full moon illuminates your sign this week, your emotions and needs cannot be denied. As overpowering as they are, they probably aren’t entirely pleasant or easy to talk about. Saturn’s opposition to the moon makes it seem as if other people don’t like—or just don’t get—how you’re feeling. If you can put yourself in a group setting that’s somehow aligned with what you’re going through, you’ll feel more understood in that situation than when you’re trying to express yourself explicitly one-on-one. A group can help you to take a step back, get a broader perspective and realize that you’re not alone. If you’re not feeling at peace with your work or some other aspect of your daily life now, immersing yourself in a group experience can restore a sense of being in the flow.


gemini star sign illustration




May 21–June 20


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is slowing down before turning retrograde on Election Day, and this week it enters your opposite sign of Sagittarius, where it doesn’t function at its best. So communication is starting to get complicated for all of us now, but especially for you Twins who thrive on quick and easy exchanges of info. The full moon in your intuition sector highlights the importance of your sixth sense when clear speech and lucid thinking are in short supply. Keeping it simple is both the strength and weakness of the early signs of the zodiac, and as the first air sign (the mental element), a Gemini’s simple thinking is her pro and con. Since the moon is in the last house of your chart—which is anything but simple—practice identifying nuances and complexities, like how what you’re sensing, what you’re saying, what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking are all completely different.


cancer star sign illustration



June 21–July 22

The moon shines at its fullest this week in your group sector, reflecting the light of the sun in your self-expression zone. This opposition of the luminaries serves as a reminder that you need to look past your own ego needs and your desire for security and recognize that your life is intricately intertwined with your adopted clan. Beyond your family of origin, what crew do you feel like you belong to? And what individual relationships have had the biggest impact on you? What do they need from you this week? Is there anything concrete that you can do to strengthen your ties and demonstrate your loyalty to the people who are important to you? You’ll have a better gut feeling about the future when you affirm that you’re on solid ground with them.


leo star sign illustration


July 23–August 22

You’re hyperaware right now of your domestic duties or family responsibility, with taskmaster Saturn and your ruling planet, the sun, in your home-and-childhood angle. But when the full moon lights up your career sector this week, it pits your professional life against your personal life. You want to make a name for yourself in the world, but you also feel the weight of what needs doing closer to home. Psychological health requires wholeness. Look at the big picture, rather than pressuring yourself to make either/or choices. Life is one big balancing act, and you owe it to yourself to be a well-rounded person who is not defined by one arena of achievement. Transformative Pluto in your time-management house has handed you an overarching imperative to slowly make over your routine to reflect the whole you.


virgo star sign illustration



August 23–September 22

Mental Mercury, your ruler, enters broadminded Sagittarius this week, while the full moon floods your beliefs house with emotional insights. The full moon is in the sign of Taurus, the stubborn Bull, so it’s likely to point out where your perspective has become too fixed. The questions that have been arising in your head lately—thanks to the sun and Saturn in your mindset sector—should also be an indication of what aspect of your thinking needs to change. New thoughts can lead to a whole new way of communicating, one that’s more mature and authoritative. Questioning a stagnant way of thinking needn’t lead to self-doubt. When you push yourself to think more flexibly, it opens you up to new possibilities and empowers your creativity.



libra star sign illustration


September 23–October 22

Your ruler, peace-loving Venus, is in your sign, and this week she clashes with the full moon in your house of deep sharing. Although you Libras—the relationship sign—generally think of yourselves as being all about others, it’s time to take a good, hard look at how well you really share. Balancing the scales is not the same thing as sharing. This area of your chart is concerned with the messy intimacy of merging, and true merging is not even-steven. Throughout life, we all build up credit with each other in an impalpable way that has a lot to do with trust—and we draw from it later without counting and measuring. For instance, you give someone the benefit of the doubt when they have banked years of demonstrated loyalty with you. This week is an opportunity to shed your ideal of perfectly equal give-and-take and espouse the concept of imperfect, unselfish union.


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