Free People Horoscopes, October 8-14

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Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

libra star sign illustration



September 23-October 22

You’re still thrown off to some degree when people in your life exhibit capriciousness, destructiveness and a self-serving attitude, but you’ve gotten a whole lot better at setting boundaries and relying on yourself. More than ever before, you know where you begin and others leave off. Planets in your self-worth, home and work sectors all get along this week, while unpredictable Uranus in your relationship house is still the wild card. Do what you need to do at home and on the job, and you’ll feel more solid and independent. Meanwhile, the sun dances with upbeat Jupiter in your expansion zone, propelling positive thinking about the future. Start visualizing how building your resources and your confidence will enable you to spend your day differently down the road, which is what you’ve been yearning for.


scorpio star sign illustration



October 23-November 21

“I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

With desirous Venus in your group sector, powerhouse Pluto in your communication zone and clever Mercury and authoritative Saturn in your sign, you’ve got some serious motivation to make an impact, even though it’s almost certainly more covert than overt. But that’s how you operate anyway—like an undercover agent. Saturn in Scorpio is not going to be a cakewalk by any means, but the current planetary configurations have the potential to ease you into the rhythm of the hard road that lies ahead, steeling your resolve to manifest your destiny. You’ll be called to define yourself more explicitly in the next few years, and this week you may have an instinct about someone or something—like a soul mate or a creative pursuit that comes from the heart—that will play an important role in this process.


sagittarius star sign illustration



November 22-December 21

Bursts of creativity and playfulness could be a bit off-target this week when eccentric Uranus in your self-expression zone misfires. But you’re on point in so many other areas it won’t really matter. You’ll be able to bring people together, networking with groups and individuals with renewed enthusiasm if you’re so inclined. And if you make an effort to clarify what you most want to achieve and what it’s worth to you, you can make headway in attaining your goals. Your desires aren’t just career-related, though. Elusive Neptune in your domestic sector suggests that you want something different from your family or your home life. Think about what old baggage you’ll need to unload to make that happen. What’s your major unfinished business?


capricorn star sign illustration



December 22-January 19

You’ve gotten used to home and family tossing a monkey wrench into things, with fluky Uranus in your domestic angle. This week, travel, education and group activities could be affected. But with powerful Pluto in your sign, you’re still on your game. Pluto makes contact with planets in your philosophy and dreams houses, fueling your forward progress. Reaching out to contacts and allies now will remind you that developing a new goal is dependent on growing a network. Imaginative, flexible thinking needs to replace an outdated, rigid mindset. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, and this vaporous planet is in your cognitive zone, coaxing you to be more fluid in the way you perceive the future.


aquarius star sign illustration



January 20-February 18

Mental processing and verbalizing aren’t your strong suits this week, since Uranus in your cognition-and-communication zone is out of sync with planets in your closeness and career houses. Rely on your gut, not your brain or your mouth, in relationships and work for the moment. Your subconscious intensity is the driving force in your life right now. You’re close to fulfilling an ambition, and whether you recognize a desire for power in yourself or not, it’s there. But even as you’re nearing the summit, a course correction may be necessary. Your feelings about money and material possessions need to shift as you figure out how to maximize your career potential.



pisces star sign illustration



February 19-March 20

With Uranus in your money sector, you’ve come to expect the unexpected with regards to your cash flow. But that same area of your chart also concerns self-esteem. So the sudden fluctuations in your finances also upset your sense of wellbeing and your conviction that you’re able to take care of yourself. This week, those factors mess could undermine harmony in your relationships and your faith in what tomorrow will look like. Seek out your support system of friends to sustain you through this rocky time. You’re gradually building a future, but you need to become more of an expert in order to get to the next level. With perceptive Neptune in your already perceptive sign, you know what knowledge you need to acquire and why you’re not where you want to be yet.


aries star sign illustration



March 21-April 19

Once again, the planets are configured in such a way as to discourage the rashness of Uranus in Aries and encourage the slow-and-steady approach you’ve been compelled to adopt of late. You’ll maintain peace at work and in relationships if you communicate honestly and opt for problem solving and thoroughness over quick action. In the last few years, you’ve become much more aware of how you deal with people, and when Saturn in your psychology sector links with Neptune in your perception zone this week, you should get an inkling of the work that lies ahead. As a solo sign, you’ll be learning what it means to merge with other people and how you feel about deep sharing.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20-May 20

With matter-of-fact Saturn firmly ensconced in your partnership angle now, you’re starting a three-year apprenticeship in the fundamentals of relating. Your unconscious impulse to engage in an old behavior pattern could thwart your first lesson. You need to tell yourself that you’re not stuck anymore. Your mind is opening up, and you’re thirsting for the chance to share your life with people who share your expanding vision. When Saturn clicks with Neptune in your wishes sector this week, the reality of relationships combines with the dream, giving you some idea of how to get from A to B. In what ways will you need to mature in order to make your relationships more closely match your ideals?


gemini star sign illustration



May 21-June 20

The sun’s encounter with Jupiter in your sign this week gives you a positive jolt of energy. Use it to tackle home and work duties with a high level of efficiency. Geminis have a tendency to scatter energy, but with disciplined Saturn in your routines zone now, you’ll be mastering the art of working methodically. You can bring a professional dream to fruition if you slowly but surely acquire new skills and perfect your craft. It may not sound like your usual way of doing things, but that’s sort of the point. Saturn and his ally, intense Pluto, want you to go further and further in one direction rather than zipping off every which way.



cancer star sign illustration


June 21-July 22

“Be like the bird, who pausing in her flight on limb too slight, feels it give way beneath her, yet sings, knowing she has wings.” ~Victor Hugo

Home and hearth continue to be a private source of rejuvenation for you, but the apron strings have—for all intents and purposes—been cut, with Saturn’s departure from your domestic angle. Something that served as a security blanket for you is gone now. You need to start testing your wings this week when planets in your communication and self-realization sectors blend with planets in your relationship and optimism zones. A heart-to-heart will help you to see how your fantasies about the future can come to pass. The planets are prompting you to combine faith, confidence, practicality, ingenuity and sheer will in order to create the life that you want.


leo star sign illustration



July 23-August 22

This is a week for shoring up, not setting sail, as valuable Venus in your resources house and Mercury in your home angle mesh with Pluto in your responsibilities sector while clashing with Uranus in your adventure zone. You’ll feel more secure if you take care of business and resist the urge to flee the scene. Group activities like a girls’ night out will boost your spirits, but you should refrain from pure escapism. You’re moving into a phase that’s about emotional grounding and intensive work on yourself, inside and out. Probably not your idea of a good time! But you Leos are strong, fuelled by the vitality of your ruler, the sun. You’ll end up even stronger if you find the part of you that needs healing and commit to the work.



virgo star sign illustration


August 23-September 22

This week requires control-loving Virgos to go with the flow when lovely Venus and chatty Mercury flirt with sexy Pluto in your romance zone but spar with unpredictable Uranus in your intimacy sector. Meanwhile, serious Saturn in your communication house gets along famously with dreamy Neptune in your relationship angle. Expect your love life to be a rollercoaster ride, with all this planetary contradiction. Sex—or some form of one-on-one closeness and sharing—appears to be the hornet’s nest, so you could try keeping things light. But with heavy Pluto in the mix, that may be easier said than done. Since you’ll be working on your mindset in the coming months, take note of how your default thinking colors the situation. That’s probably the best thing you can try to control now: how you look at things.


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