Guest Post: Sew ‘N Sing’s Handmade Surfboard Bags

This is a guest post from Johnie Gall of

Female surfers are a tough breed—wipeouts, coral reefs, sharks, and heavy boards mean learning to surf is not for the faint of heart. But even the toughest lady still wants to slip her board into something cuter than a black vinyl bag at the end of a session to prevent dings and dust. To the rescue comes Sew ‘N Sing (, a line of handmade board bags made from vintage and found fabrics that speak to a female surfer’s stylish side with floral patterns, classic stripes and muted colors.

We caught up with Erika Susperregui and Eli Saez, the designers and founders of the Spain-based operation, to chat about small business and protecting your “baby.”

sew 'n' sing

sew 'n' sing

What promoted you to create your first board bag?

We’ve always been super passionate about surf and fashion, but weren’t very skilled at sewing. Two years ago Erika’s boyfriend proposed that she make him a stylish board bag for all of his different-shaped boards. We made some for ourselves, too, and people liked them so much we kept making more. We started collaborating and have already worked with shapers Josh Hall, Robin Kegel (Gato Heroi), Ryan Lovelace, Chris Christenson and Natural Mind Surfboards.

You’ve said you don’t want your company to get big. Why is that?

The main idea is to have fun channeling our creative and artistic abilities into the surfing world, keeping this as a project, not a business so we can do whatever we want to.

What makes a Sew ‘N Sing board unique?

Everything we make is different. We like giving authenticity and uniqueness to people with handmade products. We enjoy custom things for ourselves and it’s what we want to give to others.

Why would someone need a board bag?

To keep their babies warm!

How can someone order a Sew ‘N Sing bag?

You can find our bags in many stores like Surfindian in California, but you can order custom ones directly from us by contacting

sew 'n sing

Credit: Johnie Gall is the founder of

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8 years ago

My boyfriend and I recently began creating our own covers from fairtrade and vintage fabrics and we love seeing what other creative minds are up to in the surfboard cover industry! :-)

8 years ago

These girls are so awesome! beautiful surf bags…now just need to learn how to surf haha!