Inspiring Décor At The Terrain Table Dinner

Over the weekend FP Shani and I had the incredible opportunity to take a little trip to Terrain at Styer’s in Glen Mills for a beautiful evening of chatting with awesome people and eating delicious fall cuisine in the most gorgeously decorated space imaginable. It was the first of the Terrain Table dinner series, which the lovely folks at Terrain have created as a way to bring together all of the talented people who make up the Terrain family: artists, farmers, community members, and more.

Terrain at Styer’s is just a short trip from Philadelphia, and I’ve made sure to visit at least once a season ever since I moved here. If you’ve never been, I seriously suggest you go – I’ll come with you! Imagine the way your (well, my) dream home would look and feel. That’s exactly what you’ll experience when you’re there. I’m literally blown away every single time by the creativity involved in creating such a dreamy atmosphere – and how simply it’s done. Here’s a little taste of the atmosphere at the Terrain Table dinner.

Terrain Table

Haystack Fire Pit

The cozy fire pits and haystack seats got us into the fall mood as soon as we arrived.

Outside Terrain

Door Decor

Hanging Decor

Gorgeous Table

I was so in love with the color palette they chose: all different greens, mermaid blues, and different shades of magenta.

Beautiful Flowers

How beautiful is that drippy magenta plant? I must find out what it’s called!

Little Plants

We each got to take home one of these little plants! I have mine on the windowsill in my kitchen.


Bread Pudding in Pumpkin

Ladies and gentlemen, that is bread pudding baked in a tiny pumpkin. What an incredibly creative idea for fall!

Terrain Table Eating

Such a good crew of people.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Roasing Marshmallows

Photos by Brigette.

The night ended with homemade hot chocolate (I’m talking pure fudge) and some s’more-making around the fire pit! I’m a little obsessed with the marshmallow twig roasters we used – so adorable! Thanks so much for having us, Terrain! We’ll be back soon. :)

To stay updated with all of their events and happenings, be sure to check Terrain’s blog, The Bulletin!

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Brigette, the plant is called “love lies bleeding amaranth”. It is beautiful and actually pretty easy to grow from seed. i must visit this place, it looks amazing!


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Jessica Thompson

love this place!!! they support all local businesses and have AMAZING FOOD! the decor is one of a kind considering they are always changing things! My mother brings her co-workers from california here all the time because they always have something new for you to try!