Inspiring Words: Don’t Be Scared Of Your Imagination

I always get fueled around people that have imagination, where possibility is endless, where the sky’s the limit and dreams get spoken about. Dreaming and imagining are beautiful things. They make colors in the world and bring people to life.  “She’s a dreamer, completely out of touch with reality” is one of my favorite quotes from Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides.

Being a realist is fine, but dreaming and imagining has to come into the picture somewhere, in my eyes. Imagine big things and have something to aim for, always feel it in your wings.

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11 years ago

As a child i was always off in my own world.. but now i find myself lost in between reality and my imagination and reality is overcoming my dreams! thank you for another lovely quote that will hopefully help find my child self again!

11 years ago

where have our Monday Quotes gone?? I miss them!