Inspiring Words: Be Foolish, Stay Hungry

Taking risks can be scary, you feel like you’re about to dive off a cliff, not knowing what’s going to happen at the end. But risk taking is what makes life exciting, it keeps you on your toes. I once read an editor letter in the April-May 2012 issue of Russh Magazine, and the introduction read “Look. Really look. Take the time to see it in their eyes. See their hunger for experience, the wide-eyed optimism, the fear that eats into their soul and the glint that twinkles when something, anything small, turns out just right.” Independent minds excite me, people that live for their life, people that live for their chronic fantasy and take risks no matter how secure or insecure they are.  Take a risk, see how it feels.

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8 years ago

Next time someone needs a ride, and its to a city more than eight hours drive away – offer to take them. Drop everything and just go. Guaranteed delivery.

8 years ago

Beautifully stated. No risk, no reward. :)

8 years ago

This couldn’t relate more to my life at this very moment. I love reading things that are very simple to most people, but gives some chills and a much deeper understanding. Thank you for this lovely post!

8 years ago

Move across the world for love. if it doesn’t work you can always move back home. :) My blog since ive moved : follow my adventures.

8 years ago

the back cover of the final edition of the Whole Earth Catalog ( read: stay hungry, stay foolish. it became a more popular, or at least recognized, adage when Steve Jobs urged Stanford students at their graduation ceremony to keep that phrase in mind as they set out on various life journeys and so on. I have it engraved on either side of a ring and it is such a good reminder!