Meet Our ‘Spot The It Girl’ Finalists!

If you’ve been following our ‘Spot The It Girl’ contest, we know you’ve been waiting to see who made the final cut. Wait no more! Below, you’ll find the 13 finalists in the running to win. Today, our Fashion Committee will select one of the photos below to be our winner, and her Grand Prize is Free People product for a year.

Our Fashion Committee has a tough decision to make today, but we also want to hear from you! Tell us which ‘It Girl’ look is your fave in our comments section below. Check back with BLDG 25 in the coming days to find out who won!


  1. Definitely number 11. She has a unique look, she is dressed in a way thats suit her body well and seems to be more her own style than just what everyone is wearing right now, and she does well accessorizing.

  2. Free FP product for a year!?!? Did the U.S. get an opportunity like this? Considering it is an American brand… hmm… wish I would’ve been around for that one.

  3. I love #1. She looks personable and down to earth. Being an “It” girl isn’t all about the looks, who took the best picture, or who has the best clothes. Plus, we all know FP loves dogs!

  4. I think there were a lot of girls who entered that had the ‘free people’ look that could have been selected as a finalist. Only picking 13 girls, just wasn’t enough choice.

  5. I think there were a lot of girls who entered that had the ‘free people’ look that could have been selected as a finalist. Only picking 13 girls, just wasn’t enough choice. The four girls sent out in the emailing telling people about the contest and encouraging to enter, in my opinion were the best.

  6. Doesn’t #12 break the first rule for competition entry? “Unless expressly noted otherwise, the following requirements apply to all Photographs: (i) only you may appear in the Photograph; ” Which to me insinuates that the person entering should be the only person in the photo?

  7. hm…none of them are particularly unique; however 9 looks interesting. The adorable dog doesn’t hurt either.

  8. If your looking to show what free people is all about then #2 is clearly it! So gorgeous and well put together but not overdone!

  9. Really like number 11-is following her own style not just following other people like some of the others, it’s stylish, wearable and flattering, without being try hard or overdone x

  10. actually, i put 11 as that’s what it’s tagged but i mean the 3rd one down with the VW Van,,,,

  11. Without a shadow of a doubt the camper van picture (No.3) is by far the best. This look is so effortless and natural, it also reminds me of being at a festival :) SO GORGEOUS!

  12. Number 12! It’s so unique and different! by the way the numbers at the side don’t show up on my iPhone only on my laptop!

  13. No.1 for sure! She’s adorable and so natural. I definitely think This embodies the Free People style and is a quality that will attract so many other women as a Free People embassador!

    Good luck, all!


  14. #11 the 3rd pic down LOVE the eclectic mix, dark lips and that camper van is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!

  15. It’s all about photo number 3!! That girl looks fabulous!! Unique look on the clothes, funky hair and far from run of the mill make! She totally stands out from the crowd-photo 3 or it11 :) xx

  16. Eeek! Can’t believe I made it to the final 13! So chuffed! :D Thank you Free People! I wouldn’t mind a nosie at any of these girls wardrobes tbh! I think (if scrolling down pics) 2 (great hat and dress), 9 (cute dog and casual look) and 11 ( great lips, hair and printed skirt. Ps thanks to everyone who likes my outfit…the camperan rocks right?! :-) good luck girls! Molly

  17. Love love the girl in the leather jacket with the camper van. 3rd picture down, I need those trousers!

  18. This is hard! But, if you look carefully, only the girl with the campervan has everything. The others haven’t quite got the look right or they have model looks but seem not to be so interested in what they’re wearing (sorry, but there’s soem really dodgy clothing on display here!) Campervan girl would really make you look good!

  19. Picture 9 is probably the girl that best represents free people in my opinion.
    im kinda confused though, a couple photos break the rules set out in your guidlines, like the number plate on the camper, and the photo with 2 people.
    although maybe im just bitter, i sent some photos that never got published :(
    and free people is my fave ever clothng company!
    good luck to everyone though!! x

  20. 11 stands out for me, Loving the trousers. well done to all the girls that got through to the final. Daisy x

  21. geez FP, way to include girls of all shapes and sizes. NOT. I am disappointed in the lack of diversity in this group and think that it reflects extremely poorly on your brand. I have always loved FP but have recently felt (because of catalogue images, blog posts, models) that the brand is promoting negative stereotypes of women (and I am not trying to say that being skinny is a bad thing! for some it is simply biology).

    Try thinking harder about your choices next time, and if your applicants were extremely skewed towards girls who look like those above, it might be time to think about who your brand is accessible to and who it excludes.

  22. #11. I think that it’s a great look for fall and the outfit could be spotted in a freepeople campaign :)

  23. I like #11! Her style is cohesive and interesting, and it seems to express who she is. Also, I want her skirt.

  24. WooUow I made it!! I’m number 13!! Not expecting to win but I’m happy loool

    From top to bottom (looking at a the webpage in a computer)

    In order of preference, my favourites are: 10, 1,8,4 and left girl on 11 ^^ to me each of this look emphasize freedom, a sense of wilderness and simplicity.

    Good luck to you all girls :D Bisous! ( I’m a freshly starting blogger woop woop)

  25. I am so honored to be a finalist! :) makes me so happy! If my vote counts, id vote for (counting down) number 5 I love her look, its so natural and gorgeous, and (of course) me, number 2 down! ;)

  26. #4 is the most whimsical and is making an impressive statement of beauty without trying. I pick her for sure.

  27. ahh I am number 9 I guess but all my friends think I am number 5 since I am the fifth one down! confusing.. sorry! thank you for choosing me as a finalist!!! :))) xx danielle

  28. free people, please for the love of god reveal who won! i don’t think i can stand this anymore. for the past 2 weeks i have been on here every hour of every day and its just not healthy. so please just tell us all who won!!!!

  29. Congrats too whoever won :) ill be jealous of your closet for the next year seeing as you’ll get sent absolutely stunning clothes! :D

  30. So many beautiful and unique girls! Can’t pick just one! All are so free spirited! I think my faces were 1, 6, 8, and 11.

  31. Lol, I guess I should’ve read what Julia said! How exciting! Cant wait! Congrats to you, darling (whoever you are)!

  32. Hey! I had no idea I was a finalist! My picture is #1 I didnt intend on sending this photo in because you cant see my outfit v well. In all honesty, I was just in the woods for a walk with my dogs and took the picture for my blog! thanks for all the people who have voted!

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