1. or as I always say, ” Stop searching for the meaning of life, but rather LIVE the meaning of life” Create your own definition, and define it with your life.

  2. Very deep. I agree, don’t waste your life discovering what life is. Realize that life is precious. Every minute your wasting is gone and becomes your history’s past. Life has made you already happy by providing you love, hope, and faith. However, love is the greatest one of them all. The most unhappiest thing in life is when you aren’t being loved by someone special in your life. Not only meaning by your boyfriend or girlfriend but by also your parents, family members, or friends.

  3. I always seem to be catching myself thinking too much about the meaning of life and how to find my own happiness. Then i come across quotes like these and i bring myself back to where i need to be! I always find quotes that speak to me and give me wisdom that give me a sense of hope that i am doing something right. You will find happiness in the things that make you happy!

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