The Perfect Anywhere Blanket

I’m one of those people who gets chilly so easily, so when winter’s on its way, I always find myself getting attached to a certain blanket and taking it with me everywhere. This year at Free People, we have a gorgeous cable knit throw that comes in four awesome colors. I’m a little obsessed with the mint right now. It adds a pretty pop to my otherwise neutral-colored home (and clothing, for that matter)! It’s big enough to wrap myself up in, but small enough to take everywhere. Here’s where you can find my cozy cable knit throw this season.

On a walk

Cable Knit Throw

We all bundle up to go for a walk in the brisk fall weather. Why not ditch the sweater and scarf next time and just throw a blanket around you instead? There’s something so cozy about wearing a blanket that just makes me want to go frolic outside in the breeze.

In the car

Cable Knit Throw

My car has done me well. It’s been on road trip after road trip, cruisin’ along since the ‘90s – and the one thing that’s necessary for every road trip (aside from huge amounts of snacks) is a cozy blanket. I love the way this one looks draped over my backseat. Yes, the backseat that I’ve recently turned into a couch.

On the (actual) couch

Cable Knit Throw

Snuggling up on the couch with a blanket wrapped around me and my kitten in my lap sounds like the perfect fall Saturday morning.

At work

Cable Knit Throw

I love keeping a blanket on the back of my chair at work – actually, so does everyone else here at the home office! It just makes me feel cozy and gives me the comfortable feeling of being at home. Once the weather gets colder, I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a life saver.

The product featured is our Cable Knit Throw in mint!

Photos by Brigette.

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  1. I love this blanket! I will definitely be purchasing this when I get a little extra dough. And of course I will be getting it in the mint color, because I am obsessed with that color…

  2. OMG I have a tattoo just like that! I got mine after reading a book about sex slavery in Cambodia. I got my bird shortly after donating to an organization that strives to stop sex slavery over there in representation of the freedom I have, and the freedom I hope will be present in their society one day for the women in their country.

  3. I’m torn between the mint color and the ivory…I don’t know what color to get! Love the mint in these pictures but I have all ivory and cream colors in my room. Help!

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