Poll: Harvest Moon

I always find that the sunset is prettiest in the fall, the sky turns a beautiful orange color that reminds me of the word ‘harvest’. This week’s lookbook, Harvest Moon, reminds me of that feeling, a dark romance caught up in autumnal shades. The outfits are heavily layered, creating strong silhouettes, and the makeup is moody.  The excitement of a turn of season shines through, but which outfit do you like the most? We’d love to know!

Outfit One: Marrakesh Dress, Animal Cardigan, Cosmos Pendant

Outfit Two: Long Molly Coat, Frances Bean Shift, Alameda Embellished Backpack

Outfit Three: At Length Coat, Leather Fringe Scarf

Look Four: Printed Cord Skinny , Slouchy Sweater Jacket , Keep Me Tee, Selena Metal Toe Heel

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11 years ago

Love all of the looks! too hard to choose.

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Marias H
11 years ago

Gorgeous lookbook. Could you post a tutorial for the makeup?

11 years ago

i LOVE outfit ONE!!! but i noticed the marrakesh dress doesn’t have long sleeves. is the dress going to be coming out with long sleeves?