Video: How To Do 3 “Brigette Braids”

It’s no secret that we Free People girls love us some braids, so we came up with three styles that look awesome but aren’t hard to create, and made a little video for you guys! Watch below to see how you can create the braid-wrapped bun, the braid bang, and the fishtail extreme! You’ll need to know how to create a standard fishtail for two of these looks, so check out our fishtail braid how-to if you’re not sure how. :)

All you need to create the looks above are some standard hair ties, little hair rubberbands, some bobby pins, your favorite hairspray, and a curling iron. Now get to braiding!

Thanks to Nick Antonicelli for submitting his song “Been Tryin'” to be used in this video! Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for more.

We’re always looking for new musicians to be featured in our videos. If you’re an artist with upbeat tunes that you think fit the Free People vibe, send ’em over to, subject: Harmony.

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You made that look way too easy!
My hair is so curly and stubborn…love them all but the extreme fishtail is my fave!
My hair is not as long as yours so mine looks like a baby fishtail…hah love them — thanks!

Amazing!! Can’t wait to try the bun plait :)

Cant wait to try this!! :)

ww. facebook. com/


Love these styles, but i’ve got a rather silly question…I have really long, thick hair like hers and I cannot for the life of my to get a bobby pin to stay in my hair , let alone hold up a bun. does she use a special kind?


DIY and more:

carla hueramo

I absolutely love these.. but I would love to see hairdo ideas for bobs. I have been trying to grow up my hair from a pixie and its a Bob neck lenght at the moment and have no idea what to do. :(

totally smitten by the band braid. what a fabulous look, i can’t believe i didn’t think of this before. i’ll be trying this to church tomorrow.

I was just wondering if you had any cute braid hairstyles for people who have short hair up to their shoulders. By the way I love your website


LOve it! Great and thanks for shearing this great ideas!

hannah willis

thank you for this blog. I will try and let you know how I did.