Video & Giveaway! Illuminated Wire Nests For Fall

Wire Nest


Have you guys ever wondered what goes into creating those gorgeous displays you’re surrounded with when you walk into a Free People store? I definitely have. I recently had the opportunity to hang out with our visual display assistant and watch her make one of the beautiful wire nests that you’ll find in our stores this season. It was so awesome to watch the whole project from start to finish – and to see how much work was put in, but at the same time, how naturally it seemed to come for her. It seemed like she created the entire piece without even thinking about what she was doing, as if her hands just knew exactly what to do! Watch the above video for a taste of how it’s made and then enter to win the exact nest you see in the video! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us how you’d decorate with this gorgeous wire nest – where would you put it and what would you put it with? Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. This giveaway is for US only, but please know that we love all our overseas readers just as much!! We’ll pick a random winner next Friday, October 5TH. Good luck! :)

A special thanks goes out to PLUM for submitting their gorgeous music for us to use in this video! Check out their stuff on Bandcamp – you’ll love it.

We really enjoy hearing new music and we’re always looking for awesome, upbeat indie jams to use in our videos! If you’re a musician and would like to have a song featured in one of our videos, please send over some of your music to with the subject line “Harmony.”

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Camilla Grayson
11 years ago

I want one of these so badly! I would definitely put it in my room. Right now, it is painted pink from when I was really little. It seems childish now, but with one of these hanging from my ceiling, it would make the pink look somewhat sophisticated, modern, and chic. It would be placed right above my desk so it would seem like there is always a thought bubble on top of my head.

email =

11 years ago

I would wrap gorgeous little lights around the fixture and put it in a cozy corner of my room. It would add comfort and warmth, perfect for fall and winter coming!!

Finnja Gluesing
11 years ago

This looks so beautiful, I would really love to have one of these! I am going to get the old blue caravan of our neighbours and at the moment I am totally obsessed with finding some decoration and light that could fit in it – so this seems to be the perfect idea for having some really homely illumination mixed with some great individual design. Getting this caravan one of my dreams came true so I really want it to be a special place for me and friends.
(The only thing that could be a problem is, that I’m from Germany – is it possible to receive it anyway?)

11 years ago

I LOVE this idea so whimsical, I would but this in my guest bedroom. I would hang this near the window as the room is generally dark upstairs and this would make like a great nightlight of sorts! The bedroom is painted baby bird blue and the decor in the room is very soft and comfy for guests :) Crossing my fingers and praying I win :) xo Lisa

11 years ago

I would hang it from a tree and take pictures of amazing young women with free spirits!

11 years ago

I would hang my collection of charms off different points of the circle, on thin gold thread. I would also grow an ivy plant within it to freshen the room, and bring some nature close to my heart. It would be a raw piece of art, with all my favorite memories handing from it (which currently live in a box!)

11 years ago

Oh, I love this!!
I’m moving in less than 2 weeks so i got a really good spot for this in my new bedroom. And with it i will put some green plants. Oh i can really imagine this. I would love to win it!

Melissa Dunn
11 years ago

I would love to have this out on the deck at night, or maybe two or three of them :)

11 years ago

That is beautiful! I would put it outside in our tree right in front of our window. That way, everyone could see it outside, and I could see it too!

11 years ago

Some friends and I just moved into a new apartment in this beautiful old building. We’ve been struggling to decide how we should light our place up. The ceiling lights that came with our new space are just way too intense. We could hang this illuminated nest from our living room ceiling, right above our antique trunk furniture. It would definitely help out the feng shui of our place!

11 years ago

How cool! I would put mine over my Indonesian lounge bench with lights in it!

11 years ago

This is beautiful! If I won I would love to hang it over my cuttle little front porch. I live in a small place that was built in the 1920’s and I think it would be very pleasant to have this hanging near the bench on the front porch!

11 years ago

This belongs to a backyard garden. It would light up garden party, thanksgiving, Christmas for my family and my neighbors amongst sunflowers, tulips and trees. So warm and magical. :)

11 years ago

It would be fun to illuminate some of these wire nests with white lights and put fake bats in them for Halloween decor!! For winter, the bats could be replaced with snowflakes, spring, with flowers, summer, with various dangling sea shells. Alternatively, I have a perfect spot in my kitchen where it could hang with decorative leaves with smelly herbs like rosemary, or in my bedroom with some lavendar attached to a decorated cedar plank.

11 years ago

This circular wire nest is stunning, it has a raw nature about it that would give so much life to a space. I believe it would suit a living space or nook. It is a great ambience luminated fixture for a reading space with a couple of mixed fabric upholstered arm chairs and live plants, a place to come to relax and think.
I would love to use this fixture for an event like an outdoor wedding with several hanging in a two story old barn twinkling in the dimmed space. With whimsical fabrics and flowers flowing through the space.

11 years ago

I would hang this above my teenage daughter’s bed and let her use the little twinkle lights to focus (meditate) on when she is feeling stressed to help her remember there is always light even in the face of darkness. She has faced more medical and emotional trauma in the past decade than anyone should in a lifetime. I think a bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and her room is already done in boho chic. She is creative, artistic and beautiful just like this piece!

11 years ago

I would suspend it from the ceiling in my bedroom, above my bed, surrounded by gauzy white curtains and wrapped in small christmas lights. The perfect little oasis.

11 years ago

This is great, I’d string some tree light through it and hang it as a sort of chandelier piece from my ceiling. Simple but a great focal point in the room.

carla hueramo
11 years ago

I am in love with this. I would definitely put it in my new dorm. I will be moving out of state soon and definitely need something that will make the white room walls seem more home like. I would hang it up with lights and next to it have a paintinng of small flowers my friend did for me. It will make me feel more at home and style the dorm to my personality.

11 years ago

So beautiful! I would paint some of the wires and glitter some before wrapping it together, and wrap the stringed lights around the nest instead of just a pile inside the nest. The orange or purple halloween lights would create a soothing autumn feel to the room. I would hang the nest outside in my patio for get-togethers with my closest friends with all my other stringed lanterns and lights.

11 years ago

There are so many possibilities but Im thinking in an outdoor space

11 years ago

Would love to put it in my office!

11 years ago

I would put it in my office, maybe with a few little birds perching in the branches. It would make a wonderful light to write by!

11 years ago

I would LOVE to add this to my sewing studio…which is also my bohemian sanctuary…I have a very large old Victorian house and the attic is massive, so I chose to make that my space – where I can be FREE and decorate to my hearts content…

My home was built in 1896 and was originally a rectory for the Catholic Church and it was later sold off (I have owned it for only 1 1/2 yrs), the church is still next to my house and available for purchase… my space has very old wallpaper (it’s peeling but I refuse to take it down)…lots of string lights and lanterns…some prayer flags…a large old chaise lounge…lots of beads hanging everywhere…and tons of pillow, dream catchers…I have the coolest vintage fringe curtains…lots of velour and layers of indian fabrics/blankets…and then there is all of my sewing machines and materials! Thanks so much!

11 years ago

oh yeah…I spray it with spray glue and then dip it in some glitter…love sparkles. I would then add some strings lights probably blue…so the colors shimmer off the glitter. It would be near the window where the light hits the most so I can see it shimmer and spin around…