Trend: Washed & Painted Denim & Cords

Jeans that make a statement… painted, dyed, bleached—you name it. We’re moving jeans away from their realm and into a new world. These jeans need to lead the way; they have a certain curiosity to them that makes them stand out. Team them with simple basics, don’t overcrowd them,  and keep accessories to a minimum.

What makes these jeans special is that each one is different, due to its handmade technique. So, you’ll never receive a pair that’s like another.  These jeans have expression written all over them and we’re excited to make an impact this fall with artisan pants.

Product: Bleach Splatter Boyfriend Jean, 5 Pocket Painted Skinny Cord, Tie Dye Cord Skinny, Tie Dye 5 Pocket Flare

Boots: Union Stud Boot, Youngers Boot, Dodge Ankle Boot


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11 years ago

Those boots are gorgeous!! where are they from??

11 years ago

mmmmmm we love it!

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