What’s Your Favorite Fall Tradition?

I love seasonal traditions – everyone has at least one! Family traditions, friend traditions, relationship traditions… I think it’s so sweet to have little (or big) things that you do with your loved ones every year to spend time together and celebrate the season.

My favorite fall tradition growing up was painting pumpkins. Every year my family would spend a few hours at a pumpkin patch, looking carefully over each pumpkin until we each found one that was perfect for us (shotty not having the one with the weird indent on the side!). Then we’d all go home and hang out together while we painted adorable faces onto our freshly-picked pumpkins. For some reason I always had to make sure mine had long eyelashes and red lips. I think one time I even gave it bangs. After we were through, we’d all talk about how jealous we were each other’s pumpkins and then take a picture of our little crew of painted pumpkins together. It was so sweet and is now such a pleasant group of memories to look back on.

In recent years my friends and I have developed a fall tradition together. We all head out to Bluepoint Brewery on Long Island and spend the afternoon tasting all of their delicious brews (side note: If you like IPAs, it would probably be in your best interest to try their Hoptical Illusion). The group grows every year, and it’s gotten to the point that we might even have to rent a nice little party van to get us there this year. We all live pretty close to Long Island and could visit the brewery at any time, but it’s so much more fun to make a big deal out of one trip and do it every fall. We’re actually going this weekend and I could not be more excited!

I’d love to hear what kinds of traditions you do with your loved ones!






What’s your favorite fall tradition?

Photos from Hummusbird.

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My mom and I make a new pumpkin recipe every year! This year is a pumpkin and pea soup. It hasn’t been perfected yet!


Bonfires! Our family and friends would always have a bonfire on the family farm, usually around a full moon. We do the usual stuff: roast marshmallows, bring out the guitar for campfire songs, and mostly visit and catch up with beers and cider.
My favorite fall tradition, which usually get’s incorporated into the bonfire mix, is moonlit rides on motorcycles and/fourwheelers.
It get’s pretty chilly, so we wear layers and layers, and just let the good times roll. :)

Sarah Clarissa Bennett

Our newest family tradition is Thanksgiving at Lake Casitas. It is so beautiful there and our family loves to be outdoors. We also like to collect really Unilever leaves and laminate them to put in the window. When the light shines through it fills our house with warm fall colors. My Mons favorite is baking the pumpkin seeds Mmmm. Really its the small things that make for bigger traditions :)


Pumpkin picking, buying cozy knit sweaters, and hot cinnamon apple cider! Apple cider is so delicious and always gets me in the fall spirit!

Hannah V

Every year my mom and I and a few other close friends go apple picking in Julian, California. What a great tradition to get in the mood for fall! We rent a big cozy cabin- a different one each year and stay for the weekend doing all sorts of stuff, eating apple pie making pot-roast, going trinket shopping, carriage riding at night etc. I love it

I guess I have my own tradition which is simply baking tons of fall favorites that just don’t go with summer. And eating pumpkin everything.