What’s Your Favorite Halloween Movie?

These last couple of days, to get into the festive mood, I’ve been watching my favorite halloween films non stop. Practical Magic is a film I enjoy watching every year, two sisters brought up by their aunts in a beautiful household that was anything but typical. They ate chocolate cake for breakfast and were taught practical magic. A beautiful fantasy that I wanted to step into just to feel the magic. Along with their magic powers came a curse: The men they fell in love with were doomed. The two sisters struggled to fight the curse, it’s a romantic tale, full of great feeling and soft magic.

My second favorite Halloween film is Addams Family, as a young girl I always pretended I was Wednesday. I loved how eccentric the family was and that they were oblivious to how strange they appeared to other people. I continue to watch this film and get a kick out of it still. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without my favorite movies.

What movies are you watching this halloween?


  1. I just watched this a few days ago; watch this from time to time (especially Halloween time!). Love love love.

  2. Hocus Pocus when I need a good laugh… Halloween (any of them!) when I need a good scare… Teen Witch when I need my occasional 80’s/90’s fix… and Nightmare Before Christmas!! (Which is good pretty much anytime from October 1 – December 31!)

  3. The Frighteners with Michael J. Fox…was just scary enough, but not a slasher or horror flick either.

  4. I always have to watch Practical Magic! :) and then I usually try to find a new movie to watch each year with friends. Although no scary movies for me!

  5. Rocky Horror Picture Show is definitely my all-time favorite Halloween (and one of my favorite year-round) movies!

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