It’s World Food Day, Let’s End Hunger Together!

Photo by Laura D’art.

Today we’re celebrating World Food Day with all of our friends and family – and we think you all should join us by doing the same!  There are tons of different ways you can get involved – and they’re all incredibly fun. You can visit the World Food Day site to find out all about the global movement to end hunger, and to see what kind of events are going on in your area.

Our Web Production Assistant here at Free People is an extremely devoted member of Oxfam America, an organization whose mission is to build solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. I love how passionate she is about making the world a better place. It’s really inspiring to be around such positivity and I’m always interested in hearing more, so I caught up with her to find out some info about Oxfam, World Food Day and what we can do to help the cause!

Why is it important to celebrate World Food Day?
World Food Day is important to celebrate because food is not only something we need to keep us alive, it’s something that can bring us together. We can create amazing memories sharing meals with friends and family, all while getting the energy we need to live every day. However, the current food system needs help and small choices we can make purchasing and making our food every day can really make a difference.

What is Oxfam doing to help spread the word?
Oxfam America has partnered with several cities through their Action Corps: programs to bring discussion panels with women farmers from the local area and Nigeria; partnering with local restaurants to hold World Food Day dinners; and encouraging people to throw their own World Food Day dinners with friends and family. On their website, through their Grow Campaign, they are giving everyone the chance to get World Food Day discussion materials sent to them for these dinners, stories and videos from farmers around the world, press releases on important food issues, sometimes petitions you can sign, and letter writing campaigns. 

How can we get involved?
There are so many easy ways to help, such as buying brands and products that ensures a fair deal for small scale farmers such as fair trade certified products and buying local produce from farmer’s markets in your area; cooking smart to reduce waste, wasted water and energy; and buying food that is currently in season to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. Even eating less meat and dairy can reduce water use and greenhouse gas emissions. Going meatless for a day can result in more food growing for those who need it, all while helping the planet. I love the idea of throwing a “World Food Day Dinner” with friends and family to get the discussion going about where are food comes from, and how we can help the planet with our everyday choices. Oxfam has a discussion guide you can print out and will also send you really cute and informative materials your friends can keep, such as place-mats with facts on them!


I’m totally down for a World Food Day Dinner. How are you and your friends celebrating World Food Day today? Leave a comment and let us know!

Check out World Food Day USA and Oxfam America for more info. :)


  1. I celebrated World Food Day while staying with my family here in Portugal by picking apples from our farm and then baking them to enjoy together after lunch. I love being able to step outside and grab ingredients I need to make a simple yet delicious meal for my family.

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