3 Cute Ways To Pack Your Lunch For Work

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get motivated to pack my lunch for work the evening before, and it’s even more difficult trying to compose something to eat on a full tummy.

However, I have gotten into the habit of bringing my own lunch to work with the help of a few little tips. Before you try them, remember to make the most of leftover evening meals. Put together simple sandwich ideas and get creative with the way you package your lunch, so you’re excited about it the next day. I know some might argue it’s only lunch, and why would you want to make it look creative? But for me, it’s all about a pretty presentation that puts a smile on my face each and every day.


1)      I love to wrap my lunch box in a tea towel and tie a knot on the top, that way, if there’s any spillage or juice leaking out it will soak into the cloth. It also comes in handy for a good (reusable) napkin.


2)      Placing a salad inside a jar is a fun new idea that I came across this year. On the bottom of the jar you place the dressing, then hearty bits like beans, cucumber, carrots, followed by lighter bits such as quinoa, seeds, walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms – whatever you fancy! Then finish it off with salad leaves, like spinach or arugula. When it comes to lunch time – shake the jar so the dressing soaks up into all the ingredients.


3)      My last idea is just simply placing your lunch inside a brown paper bag and tying a bow around it. There’s nothing extra special about this, it just looks pretty and makes you happy to open it.


Do you any creative ideas to share for packaging your lunch? We’d love to know!


  1. cute!! I also like wrapping it in a handkerchief. I think I saw it in a blog photo earlier this year? so cute..!! and I also love the salad in the jar. I’ll try it!

  2. Today I had a salad in a jar!!! totally amazing thanks for the great idea! My friends were all over it! It absolutely made my day! thank you

  3. You don’t need to go on someone else’s website, promoting good things for other people, and degrade their ideas. Keep your negativity to yourself Suesie Sue.

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