3 Ways To Wear A Leash

I could not be more excited about the launch of our new line of pet accessories, featuring beautiful beds, leashes, collars – even a cat teepee! As a pet-friendly office, it makes sense that we would venture into this territory… now our furry friends can have their own special items with a Free People touch :). Although I don’t have a dog (yet!) one of my favorite items is this leash made by Found that can be worn three different ways. I know, I never thought a leash could be worn more than one way either, but it can and it’s super cute!

free people dog leash

This leash has hooks at varying lengths so that you can clip it on in different ways – allowing you to walk your dog comfortably and if needed, keep your hands free!

free people dog leash

The first way is the standard way of holding a leash – clip the leash to make a small loop that you can put around your wrist and hold in your hand.

free people dog leash

The second way is my favorite – attach the hook to the furthest clip to make a larger loop that you can wear across the body, almost like a bag.  This allows you to keep your hands free and a secure hold on your pup!

free people dog leash

free people dog leash

The third way to wear the leash is to clip it around your waist – this also lets you keep your hands free, and gives the appearance of a cute belt!

free people dog leash

free people dog collar

Thank you to our sweet model, Lucy! :)

Our new pet products are ready to shop! You’ll find them all here.


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make sure you have an obedient pup before you try these! a big, excited dog+a leash wrapped around your hand/body can result in some broken bones!

Love this; do Free People’s pet products ship to Barcelona? My labrador could use style update.


I lovee the pet stuff but my dog would ruin it! I wouldn’t mind buying it if it was less expensive but im afraid it would get destroyed


As much as the dog leash looks fun, it is not advisable to have one made of rope. Unless you’re wearing heavy leather gloves, one instance of your overly-excited Fido trying to run off with his friends will only win you a trip to urgent care for treatment of rope burn. Wrapping it around my body? Just envision 60 pound Fido running off into the sunset with 100 pound me trailing behind. Another trip to urgent care. Wonderful idea, but my medical insurance couldn’t afford it.


Sorry, but this dog leash look like nothing more than a horse lead at a much more expensive price!


It’s a piece of rope

Pet Trainer

As a pet trainer. These are not practical, they can break your wrist and as someone else said a leash is not meant to be fashionable. These are very ignorant ideas and very, very bad for you! :-(

I’d love to get my husky that collar, It would look so beautiful with her coloring and blue eyes :)


I don’t like pets. However rope is not used as dog’s leashed.


I love that leash! So cool!!




too silly.

Wow It’s a beautiful stuff for pets. I also like some more interesting new pet acessories online. I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing.